Photovoltaic power station is a system that converts low DC voltage into AC power, and is a set of electrical equipment. Be sure to pay attention to safety when using it.

Ground photovoltaic power station project fire prevention guidance

  • Xindun
  • December 12, 2020

The main source of fire in the photovoltaic area

1. Electric fire in the photovoltaic area. In the event of electrical equipment failure, sparks are generated, which is easy to ignite weeds on the ground, and then fire occurs.

2. Fire caused by the festival and the date of sacrifice. Fireworks are set off in festivals to sacrifice the custom of burning paper. Easy to cause fire. This fire is characterized by a strong seasonal character.

3. The fire caused by farmers burning their crops. Farmers generally burn up weeds in their fields before planting, ensuring normal farming. There is also a situation in spring when some herders set fire to the mountains to ensure the early emergence of green grass on the barren hills. This kind of fire is very random and difficult to control in time, which brings great pressure to fire prevention work.

Ground photovoltaic power station project fire prevention guidance

Fire protection status of photovoltaic area

1. Some pv areas have complex topography, and the road does not extend to all pv areas, making fire prevention more difficult. The road is rugged and not conducive to rapid emergency.

2. The distance between the fence and the components in the photovoltaic area is too small. In the construction of the photovoltaic area, the principle of maximizing land use is followed, resulting in a small distance between individual power station components and the fence.