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Pure Sine Wave Inverter
Pure sine wave inverters have more stable loading capacity than square wave inverters or modified wave inverters. It generates AC power as excellent as mains.

We, Xindun Power, only make pure sine wave inverter. Pure sine wave inverter is the type of inverter with the highest quality and the largest number of users on the market:
1. Pure sine wave inverters are more efficient in the process of converting DC power to AC power, which means that when using pure sine wave inverters, electrical equipment consumes less energy and the performance of the equipment is more stable. 
2. Pure sine wave inverters provide a smoother power waveform that helps reduce noise from electrical equipment. 
3. Since pure sine wave inverters provide more stable and clean power, this helps extend the life of electrical equipment. Some sensitive electrical equipment is more likely to maintain its performance and be less susceptible to damage without interference from the power supply.
4. Pure sine inverters can carry basically all electrical appliances on the market, and they are comparable to mains power. Square wave and modified sine wave inverter will slowly exit the market.


Our pure sine wave inverter power range from 300 watt to 160 kilowatt, can be made into single-phase, split-phase or three-phase, high frequency or low frequency, off grid and hybrid, and can be made into various appearances.


Whether you want to be our agent for wholesale, or customize pure sine wave inverters for your own brand, we are very welcome as a source manufacturer in China. Contact us to learn about Xindun's best-selling pure sine wave inverters and help you increase your profits.

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