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Inverter With Charge Controller
Hybrid inverter with built in charge controller means solar charge controller and inverter are in one box. It is used in solar systems, external charge controller is not required.

Hybrid inverter has many meanings. Some people refer to the inverter with built in charge controller, some refer to the inverter with mains charging function, some refer to the inverter with on-grid and off-grid functions, and a few refer to wind and solar inverter. 


All the hybrid inverters you see on this page come with charge controller built in and support mains charging. A small-sized machine with DC to AC conversion, solar charging and discharging, mains charging, generator charging and voltage stabilization functions. The ultra-high practicality is in line with the current pursuit of hybrid inverters on the market, especially for countries in Africa, Southeast Asia, Latin America, South America, and some island countries, this type of hybrid inverter is very popular.


In addition, HP PLUS+, ES, and HF series hybrid inverters have off-grid and on-grid functions. Why are off-grid and on-grid technologies so popular in the market? When the inverter meets the power supply demand of the load, it stores the excess power in the batteries, which can be used for backup power supply at night, or during periods when the mains electricity bill is high, the inverter converts the DC power in the battery into AC power for the load . Users can also transmit power to the mains grid and sell it to earn profits. It can be seen that off-grid and on-grid hybrid inverters can make full use of solar energy and electric energy to achieve resource optimization.


Xindun is a specialist and manufacturer of hybrid inverters. We have been engaged in the research, development and production of hybrid inverters for 18 years. The inverter production plant area has reached 10,000 square meters and 8 subdivided production lines. A design team composed of 30 people efficiently provides OEM customized services to global customers. If you are a trader looking for a hybrid inverter manufacturer, then definitely don't miss Xindun Power.

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