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Solar System Solution
Xindun introduces off grid power solutions to you on this page. When there is no power grid, use the off grid solar power system solution to provide backup power for your life.

Off grid solar power systems are designed for scenarios where power is scarce or unstable, It generally requires energy storage batteries, the excess electricity generated by solar energy is stored in the batteries. When the solar energy is insufficient, the electricity in the batteries is used as power sourse.


Xindun off grid solar power solutions 300W-160KW include household, industrial and commercial energy storage scenarios. We combine the application scenarios and load usage provided by customers, to offer a complete set of accessories such as suitable solar panels, batteries, pv combiner boxes, solar inverter charge controllers, brackets, and cables, offer installation and wiring instructions.


Selecting Xindun as your preferred provider for solar power systems offers a myriad of advantages:
· Comprehensive solar power solutions encompassing all necessary components.
· Expert configuration tailored to your needs.
· Time efficiency in the selection process.
· Hassle-free after-sales maintenance: solar panels, batteries, solar inverters controllers, all managed by a single entity.
· Affordable wholesale pricing, with all solar power accessories originating from primary sources factory. Whether you are doing trade or engineering projects, choosing a factory is more trustworthy than choosing an agent, isn't it? Xindun has been in the field of off grid power solution configuration, production and sales for more than 18 years. It is currently equipped with nearly 20 solution specialists to serve global customers efficiently every day. All off grid power solutions are tailor-made by us.

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