Xindun Power Co. is a pv inverter manufacturer. We provide photovoltaic inverter service including R&D, design, sales, installation, repair and technical guidance.

Perfect Service System

Guangdong Xindun Power Technology Co., Ltd

Consistent Commitment:
Provide customers with reliable power products, satisfactory off grid photovoltaic power solution, reasonable prices, and high-quality services.

Service Philosophy:
Pay attention to your needs and meet your needs.

Service Response:
24-hour online one-to-one after-sales service: +86 13727449058
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1 year warranty for Battery

3 years warranty for Inverter/Chare Controller/UPS

25 years warranty for solar panel

Lifetime technical support

Note: Customized products are not covered by this warranty, please refer to the contract.

Service Process

purchase inverter process

◆ Pre-sales support

R&D:  Taking customer needs as the goal of Research and Design, tailor-made high-quality pv power supplies for customers.

Production:  All-round testing methods to ensure pv power products high-quality.

Sales Guidelines:  a. Introduce the technology and equipment of the factory; b. Understand customer needs, customize the pv power solution, recommend suitable solar panel, battery, inverter and charge controller; c. Implement the test materials and relevant technical preparations, and improve the technical parameters.

◆ Sales follow-up

Intimate Greetings:  Maintain good communication with customers and pay attention to whether customers need further assistance.

Installation and Maintenance:  a. Provide relevant drawings and technical materials to assist customers to install, debug and use the inverter correctly. b. Technical service engineers can provide free training on related knowledge, daily use and maintenance of off grid pv power system.

◆ After sales service

Fault Diagnosis:  Quickly diagnose inverter faults and propose feasible solutions.

Maintenance:  During the warranty period, the inverter is repaired free of charge. Outside the warranty period, only reasonable maintenance cost will be charged according to the fault damage. Xindun has after-sales installation and maintenance teams in West Africa, East Africa, Southeast Asia, and Pakistan.

Opinion Collection:  Listen carefully and summarize customer feedback, continuous improvement, improve pv power products performance and service level.

Value-added Services

Inverter training courses

Training Courses

Xindun Co. can customized training courses according to customers' projects and needs. Professional engineers/sales consultants provide comprehensive and systematic technical training and practical operation demonstrations, including market analysis, pv power products knowledge, inverter fault diagnosis, inverter debugging, inverter maintenance, etc. Fully meet the individual needs of different users.

Inverter technology

Technical Support

Throughout the service process, Xindun has equipped senior industry experts to keep in touch with customers at all times, provide inverter technical support, and answer questions for customers. Xindun’s new pv power products and technological innovation are shared with customers through the network system in a timely manner, helping you to get the latest first-hand information without leaving home.