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Xindun Power is one of the best chinese inverter companies. We accept inverter oem service with 7000㎡ inverter factory. The inverters on this page are all custom inverters.

Xindun Power as a best Chinese inverter company over 18 years, we focus on OEM various types of inverters: single-phase, three-phase, split-phase, pure sine wave, off-grid, hybrid, high frequency, low frequency, etc.


On this page, we list a variety of inverters and charge controllers with different shapes. However, it should be noted that the products on this page need to be ordered in bulk and retail is not accepted, MOQ is 100 pcs. We can also provide service of custom inverter appearance, colour, logo, parameters. There are professional designers, free design for you. Xindun is committed to generating revenue for your brand!


For more new inverter models and flexible MOQ, please visit this page.

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