Xindun factory supply best mppt solar regulator 12v 10a/20 amp/30 amp/40a/60 amp. mttp regulator compared with pwm regulator, mppt efficiency increase 20%.
mppt regulator
mppt regulator
mppt solar regulator
regulator mppt
regulator solar mppt
30 amp mppt solar regulator

MPPT Solar Regulator 10A-100A/12V-48V

MPPT Solar Regulator | MPPT Efficiency>99% | 10-60 Amp, 12V/24V/48V Auto Recognition

  • Type : MPPT
  • Place of Origin : Foshan, Guangdong, China
  • Brand : XINDUN POWER
  • MOQ : 1 pcs
  • OEM : Accepted


1 Advanced MPPT tracking, 99% tracking efficiency. Compared with PWM, the generating efficiency increase near 20%;
2 LCD display PV data and chart simulates power generation process;
3 Multiple working modes to adapt different working occasion;
4 Wide PV input voltage range, convenient for system configuration;
5 Intelligent battery management function, extend battery life;
6 12V/24V/48V automatic recognition, users are more flexible and convenient to use;
7 RS485 communication port optional.


mppt solar regulator 10a/20a/30a, 12v/24v/48v:

mppt solar regulator 10a/20a/30a, 12v/24v/48v

mppt solar regulator 40a/50a/60a, 12v/24v/48v:

mppt solar regulator 40a/50a/60a, 12v/24v/48v

mppt solar regulator 80a/100a, 12v/24v/48v:

mppt solar regulator 80a/100a, 12v/24v/48v


Model: Wonder1 150/10, 150/20, 150/30 150/40, 150/50, 150/60 150/80, 150/100
Rated Current 10A/20A/30A 40A/50A/60A 80A/100A
Rated System Voltage 12V/24V/48 auto recognition
Max PV Input Voltage
(At the lowest ambient temperature)
MPPT Tracking Voltage Range 12V system:15V-120V;24V system:30V-120V;48V system:60V-120V
Recommended operating voltage range 12V system:15V-20V;24V system:30V-40V;48V system:60V-80V
PV array Max power 12V system: 140W(10A)/280W(20A)/420W(30A)/560W(40A)/700W(50A)/840W(60A)/1120W(80A)/1400W(100A);
24V system: 280W(10A)/560W(20A)/840W(30A)/1120W(40A)/1400W(50A)/1680W(60A)/2240W(80A)/2800W(100A);
48V system: 560W(10A)/1120W(20A)/1680W(30A)/2240W(40A)/2800W(50A)/3360W(60A)/4480W(80A)/5600W(100A)
Battery Type Lead acid battery, deep cycle battery, gel battery etc(Battery type base on user charge specification)
Floating Voltage 13.8V/Single battery
Charge Voltage 14.2V/Single battery
Charging Protection Voltage 15V/Single battery
Promote recovery voltage 13.8V/Single battery
Recovery voltage after low voltage disconnect 12.5V/Single battery
Discharge Limited voltage 10.5V/Single battery
Temperature Compensation Coefficient -3mV / ℃ / 2V (25℃ is base line) (Optional)
Charging Mode MPPT maximum power point tracking
Charging Method Three stages: constant current(MPPT); constant voltage; floating charge
Protection Over-voltage/under-voltage/over-temperature/PV anti-reverse protection
Conversion Efficiency >98%
MPPT Tracking Efficiency >99%
Machine Size(L*W*Hmm) 185*135*65 240*143*74 280*180*100
Package Size(L*W*Hmm) 235*185*116(1pc)
383*249*246 (4pcs)
419*304*266 (4pcs)
487*345*166 (2pcs)
N.W(kg) 1.15(1pc) 1.8(1pc) 3.7(1pc)
G.W.(kg) 1.35(1pc) 2(1pc) 4.0(1pc)
Display LCD
Thermal Method Cooling fan in intelligent control
Type Of Mechanical Protection IP20
Operating Temperature -15℃~+50℃
Storage Temperature -20℃~+60℃
Elevation 5000m(Dreating above 2000m)
Humidity 5%~95%(No condensation)
Communication RS232/RS485(Optional)
Note: All specifications are subject to change without prior notice

How does mppt solar regulator work?

How does mppt solar regulator work?

How does regulator solar mppt work?


mppt solar regulator installation

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