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Solar Pump Inverter vs. Solar Inverter for Water Pump: Understanding the Differences. And Xindun offers the latest technology in irrigation-friendly solar inverter for water pump to help increase productivity.

Difference Between Solar Pump Inverter And Solar Inverter For Water Pump

  • Xindun
  • July 10, 2023

solar pump inverter and solar inverter for water pump


Solar inverters are becoming more and more popular now. Now that oil and electricity prices are rising, free, environmentally friendly and recyclable solar energy has become the best choice. For agriculture, in the past, irrigation was mainly done by manpower, with low efficiency and low yield. With the popularization of modern agricultural machinery, water pumps are widely used to irrigate crops, which is efficient and can release human resources. However, water pumps need electricity to provide power. In Southeast Asia and Africa, the main cultivated areas are often remote areas, and the national power grid cannot be extended to the cultivated areas. Thus the solar pump inverter was born. It can directly use solar energy to provide power for the water pump, solving the problem of the power source of the water pump.


Solar power has revolutionized the way water pumps are operated, offering sustainable and cost-effective solutions for pumping water. When it comes to solar-powered water pumps, two common terms are often used: solar pump inverter and solar inverter for water pump. While both serve the purpose of converting solar energy into usable electricity for water pumping, there are significant differences between the two. This article aims to clarify the distinctions between a solar pump inverter and a solar inverter for water pump.


1. Solar Pump Inverter:


A solar pump inverter is specifically designed to control and drive solar-powered water pumps. It is a specialized device that converts the direct current (DC) output from solar panels into alternating current (AC) required to operate water pumps. The key features and functions of a solar pump inverter include:


Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT): Solar pump inverters employ MPPT technology to optimize the power output from solar panels. This ensures that the pump operates at maximum efficiency, even under varying solar irradiation conditions.


Motor Control: Solar pump inverters have built-in motor control capabilities that allow for precise control of pump speed and flow rate. This ensures optimal water delivery and efficient utilization of solar energy.


Protection Features: Solar pump inverters often come with protection features such as anti-reverse polarity, overvoltage protection, overcurrent protection, and dry-run protection. These features safeguard the pump and the entire system from damage caused by electrical faults or operating conditions.


Remote Monitoring and Control: Many solar pump inverters are equipped with remote monitoring and control capabilities. This allows users to monitor the pump's performance, adjust settings, and diagnose any issues remotely, enhancing convenience and ease of operation.


Frequency conversion: Solar pump inverter can also be called a frequency conversion solar pump inverter. The frequency conversion range is converted from 0-400Hz. The effect achieved is, for example, a 1kw water pump needs at least 3kw solar inverter to drive because of the inductive load. if you use a solar pump inverter, because of the frequency conversion function, you can use a 1.5kw or even 1kw solar pump inverter to drive a 1kw water pump to work.


2. Solar Inverter for Water Pump:


On the other hand, a solar inverter for water pump refers to a standard solar inverter that can be used to power various electrical devices, including water pumps. Unlike a dedicated solar pump inverter, a solar inverter for water pump is not specifically designed for water pump control or optimization. Key characteristics of a solar inverter for water pump include:


General Purpose: A solar inverter for water pump is a general-purpose inverter that can be used to power a wide range of electrical devices, including water pumps. It converts DC power from solar panels into AC power suitable for running electrical loads.


Lack of Specialized Pump Control Features: Unlike a solar pump inverter, a standard solar inverter for water pump may not have specialized features for motor control, or protection functions specific to water pumping applications.


Flexibility: Solar inverter for water pumps offer flexibility in terms of connecting and operating different types and sizes of pumps. They can be used with both submersible pumps and surface pumps.


Convenience:  Solar inverter for water pumps can to be connected to batteries for use, and reserve power for backup power in case of power outages.


A solar inverter for water pump can also have various functions, such as data logging, remote monitoring, load control, etc.


3. Recommend Xindun Solar Inverter for Water Pump:


LS solar pump inverter HP PLUS  solar pump inverter


LS 1000W~6000W
●Off grid solar inverter pure sine wave output. 
●Split-phase dual output: 110V&220V or 120V&240V.


●Off grid solar inverter built-in MPPT controller. 
●Supporting up to 9 inverters in parallel. 

WD solar inverter for water pump ESS solar inverter for water pump


WD 700W~40KW
●Single phase low frequency inverter pure sine wave output. 
●Can be used as UPS power supply.


ESS 300W~7000W
●Solar controller+battery+inverter in one. 
●DC12V, USB5V, AC output socket/terminal block.


In order to make better use of its advantages in agricultural irrigation, the solar inverter for water pump has added a utility power function, that is, in the case of insufficient sunlight supply, or when there is no solar energy supply at night, the solar inverter for water pump can supply enough power to the water pump through the mains, so that the water pump can be fully powered, even irrigating 24 hours a day, to ensure that agricultural crops receive continuous water supply; there is also an unattended mode, when all power sources are interrupted, the solar inverter for water pump will shut down automatically, and when there is mains power or the sunlight meets the requirements, the solar inverter for water pump will automatically turn on and restart.


4. Why choose Xindun Solar Inverter for Water Pump?


Xindun Power has devoted 17 years in the field of photovoltaics, and has been committed to meeting the requirements of customers with different needs for solar energy.


solar pump inverter manufacturer


Xindun Solar Inverter for Water Pump is very rich in types: low-frequency inverters, high-frequency inverters, single-phase and three-phase inverters, energy storage inverters, etc. We have provided Xindun inverters to more than 100 countries and regions around the world. The following is a case introduction of the solar inverter for water pump:


For agricultural users in the Republic of Congo, the local power supply is insufficient, and the average daily power supply time is only about 4 hours. Before the installation of solar inverter for water pumps, agricultural operations were greatly affected. Before that, diesel generators were used to provide electricity. As the price of oil continues to rise, power options provided by generators become unfeasible, so turn to us at Xindun for a solar pump inverter solution. After a series of investigations and understandings, we determined the 5kW solar inverter for water pump for the customer. The specific configuration is: one 5kw solar inverter for water pump, six 450w solar panels in two series and three in parallel, and four 250ah gel batteries.

As shown in the picture, after several days of installation and debugging by the workers, the installation is finally completed.


solar inverter for water pump case


solar inverter for water pump case


The customer is very satisfied with this 5kw solar pump inverter system. It can be charged by solar energy during the day, and it can be charged by mains power in rainy days. When there is no mains power and sunlight at night, the backup power of the battery can be used. Most importantly, through Xindun solar inverter for water pump, users not only solve the impact on agricultural life when there is no mains power, but also save more than 80% of electricity bills.

Our 5kw solar pump inverter system is fully automated in operation. When there is mains power, it can provide power to the load. When there is a power outage, backup power or solar power can provide uninterrupted power. No need to monitor, easy to operate. So far it has been installed. It has been used for more than 4 months without any abnormalities.


What's more,Xindun will launch the latest and most competitive solar pump inverter in the foreseeable future, our solar pump inverters will better meet the latest requirements of irrigation and run more stably. Xindun makes life more convenient and the world a better place.Welcome to become the agent of Xindun and expand the solar pump inverter market together!

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