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Xindun Power,China solar power system company,has developed in the solar energy industry for more than 16 years.Feel free to contact us for more details on how to choose solar system, or for any information about solar industry.

How to choose solar power system company?

  • Xindun
  • December 02, 2023

In the early 1970s, some oil-rich countries in the world joined forces to fight against developed countries with oil as a weapon in order to protect their own interests, and some people in the West exclaimed that the "oil crisis" had occurred in the world. This "crisis" has objectively stimulated people's awareness of the security of energy supply. The solar system company in developed countries has invested a lot of human, material and financial resources to develop and implement the "sunshine plan" to get rid of the passive situation of relying on oil imports in energy supply, thus setting off a wave of scientific and technological innovation and development to develop and utilize solar energy and other renewable energy to replace oil.


Solar energy and other renewable energy can be recycled in nature. They are clean, green and low-carbon energy.


Moreover, the scale of renewable energy development and utilization of solar energy and other renewable energy by China solar power system company ranks first in the world, providing strong support for the green and low-carbon transformation of renewable energy. The installed capacity of power generation has achieved rapid growth. By the end of 2020, the total installed capacity of renewable energy power generation in China has reached 930 million kilowatts, accounting for 42.4% of the total installed capacity, an increase of 14.6 percentage points over 2012. It has been ranked first in the world for 16, 11, 6 and 3 consecutive years. About 40% of China's installed power generation capacity is now renewable energy, and about 30% of its power generation capacity is renewable energy. The installed capacity of all renewable energy is the first in the world.


solar system company -how to choose solar system


In addition, the solar power generation technology of China solar system company has been rapidly iterated, and the world record of battery conversion efficiency has been set for many times. The solar energy industry occupies a leading position in the world. Among the top ten enterprises in the world of solar modules, China solar power system company occupies 7. The integrated manufacturing of the whole industrial chain of China solar system company has strongly promoted the continuous decline of the cost of solar power generation. In the past 10 years, the average cost per kilowatt of solar power generation projects has decreased by about 75%, and the industrial competitiveness has continued to improve, injecting strong impetus into the vigorous development of new renewable energy models and new business forms.
So choosing China solar power system company will help you make significant progress in the solar energy industry and renewable energy industry.


So how to choose solar system?

With the rising international oil prices, people's living costs are getting higher and higher, especially for residential electricity use, people increasingly hope to use solar energy to replace part of the mains power supply, so as to achieve the purpose of saving living expenses. As a result, people are looking for suitable solar system solutions from the professional solar system company. However, the solar energy solutions on the market are mixed. If you are lucky, you can buy a suitable solar system, and if you are unlucky, you can buy it back but cannot use it normally. 


solar power system company -how to choose solar system


Xindun Power,the solar power system company, focuses on providing customers with suitable and tailor-made solar system solutions. In order to allow customers to better choose a solar system, we usually want customers to know how to choose solar system: 
1. What is the total power of all loads in the residence; 
2. The user's electricity consumption, such as how much reserve electricity is needed, when using the back electricity for how many hours, etc.; 
3. Know the country where the customer is located, because the input voltage and frequency are different in different countries and regions. 


After understanding the above 3 aspects about how to choose solar system , Our solar system company can provide customers with suitable solar systems, such as solar inverters, suitable number of solar panels and batteries, etc. Especially when there are many inductive loads in the home, such as refrigerators, air conditioners and other electrical appliances, the peak surge value at the moment of starting the electrical appliances will be as much as 5-6 times the rated power. Xindun power,the solar power system company, will configure suitable solar inverters according to the total power of these inductive loads to ensure that customers can use the solar system normally. 


Xindun Power,China solar system company,has developed in the solar energy industry for more than 16 years, providing high-quality solar systems for domestic and foreign global customers. We can customize and design high-quality solar system for customers.

Our customized solar systems are not always the same, they are all customized according to customer needs, and we have received a lot of satisfactory feedback in the process of providing services to customers. We will continue to provide our customers with quality, cost-effective solar system solutions.Feel free to contact Xindun Power for more details on how to choose solar system, or for any information about solar industry.

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