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How to find the most reliable solar company Dubai or overseas solar power company? You can choose XINDUN solar power company with rich manufacturing and R&D design experience.

How to find the most reliable solar power company for Dubai importers?

  • Xindun
  • April 20, 2023

■Development Status of solar power Dubai

Dubai is located in western Asia, where the latitude is relatively low and the noon sun height is relatively high. It is controlled by the subtropical high pressure zone, with a dry climate, many sunny days, and strong solar radiation. Therefore, solar power Dubai is rich. There are favorable conditions for solar energy development.
According to the UAE News Network, Dubai has launched a solar power Dubai park project with a total investment of 12 billion dirhams (approximately US $3.3 billion) and an installed capacity of 1 million kilowatts. The project is expected to be completed by 2030.
The park project, as part of Dubai's efforts to diversify its energy mix, will help reduce the dependence of the Dubai economy on oil and gas. Increase the development opportunities of solar power Dubai.
The Dubai Energy Supreme Council stated that the Dubai government is working to diversify its energy structure and strive to increase solar power Dubai's generation to 5% of its electricity supply by 2030.

According to Saeed Mohammed Al Tayer, General Manager and CEO of DEWA, the data center will provide "next generation" services in areas such as network security, cloud hosting, and backup. It also supports Moro Hub's ChatGPT driven real-time conversation service.

Tayer said, "This data center powered by solar power Dubai is another achievement that enhances the image of the United Arab Emirates as a leading global player in promoting sustainable development and a green economy. It provides a unique model for combining digital technology with energy technology."
To support Dubai's clean energy and net zero emission strategy, this low-carbon data center with a power capacity of up to 100 MW is fully powered by solar power Dubai's generation facilities. The United Arab Emirates previously planned to achieve the goal of fully using clean energy power by 2050.


solar power company dubai


■Selection of the best solar power company

In summary, it is urgently need to find the most reliable solar company Dubai or overseas solar power company to develop solar energy resources.
However, the development of solar company Dubai and overseas solar power company is not all mature and stable, and selecting an excellent solar power company is very important.


We may faced the below problems.

1.More and more solar company Dubai and overseas solar power company rushed into solar energy sector and declared that they are a powerful solar power company. But they turned out to be a small factory or just a trading solar power company. So, it’ll be a headache when there is technical issues even solar system products problems for buyers.

2.Sometimes, although the prices of solar inverters seems to be bargain from the solar company Dubai or overseas solar power company, the quality is poor and the power of solar inverters and accessories are insufficient. For example,The nominal power is 5kw or 5kva, but the actual power is only 50% - 70% of it.

3.After sales is also a big challenge when choosing the solar company Dubai or overseas solar power company. After sales service was poor in some small companies of solar systems, there was no follow-up after payment. 100% change in service attitude before and after payment.


You are not the only one who suffered the above problems. Therefore, get to know more about their background and quality control from the solar company Dubai or overseas solar power company,will make you stay away from it.


For your reference,XINDUN China solar power company have reached cooperation agreements with over 80 countries around the world,and this solar power company has a development history of over 16 years. They are reliable and trustworthy. So,I truly recommend to you.

Global Customers have been importing many solar inverters, solar charge controller and solar system from XINDUN China solar power company. Our prices are reasonable and we have expanded our business scope to Dubai for wholesalers and contractors.


Xindun China solar power company


Xindun China solar power company


XINDUN solar power company have been engaged in solar energy sector for 16+ years, located in China, covers an area of 10000m²,100+ employees.
Our products range from solar inverters(500w-160kw,single phase and three phase), solar charge controller(MPPT 10A-100A), solar system and all kinds of accessories including batteries,solar panels.

You may also aware of the certificate of CE, IEC,TUV,TLC from our, which are the most important backup for your business.


Hope that will help.Pls feel free to contact XINDUN solar power company.

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