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The square wave inverter outputs square-wave AC power of poor quality, which is not suitable for driving inductive loads. If you want to drive an inductive load, you can choose a pure sine wave inverter.

Why can't square wave inverter carry inductive load?

  • Xindun
  • October 22, 2020

Strictly speaking, square wave inverters are not unable to carry inductive loads, but are not suitable for inductive loads. Inductive load refers to a load with inductive parameters. The peak value of the back-EMF voltage generated at the moment when the power is turned on or off is much higher than the threshold of the load AC power supply, which can easily cause instantaneous overload of the inverter, affect the service life of the inverter.Therefore, the requirement of inductive load on inverter waveform is relatively high. The square wave inverter outputs the alternating current of the square wave with poor quality, and its positive peak value and negative peak value are generated almost simultaneously, which will cause great damage to the load and itself if forced to drive the inductive load.

If you need to carry an inductive load, you can choose an inverter whose waveform is a pure sine wave. The pure sine wave inverter output is pure AC power that is the same as the mains, which can drive the load that the grid can drive. The inverter power produced by Xindun ranges from 300w to 200kw, all of which are pure sine wave output. If you have any questions, please contact us.

Why can\'t square wave inverter carry inductive load?

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