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The UPS inverter with battery is an indispensable way to obtain energy,in order to deal with the energy crisis in Ukraine.You are welcome to contact Xindun Power to obtain high-quality Ukrainian energy solutions.

UPS inverter with battery: Solving Power Outages in Ukraine

  • Xindun
  • May 11, 2023

Now Ukraine has a serious energy crisis, which has led to various livelihood problems such as power and water cuts. How can we solve these problems? Solar energy is an indispensable clean energy source, and Ukraine also has favorable lighting conditions for the development of solar energy. Especially, UPS inverter with battery play an important role in solar energy storage. This article will tell you why Ukraine needs to use UPS inverter with battery.


Energy crisis - Ukraine blackout

1. Ukraine War

The Russo Ukrainian War has led to a decreasing number of energy facilities in Ukraine, leading to large-scale water and power outages. Especially in extremely cold weather, the lack of energy has caused serious livelihood problems. It seriously affects the normal life of the Ukrainian people, and more and more people will join the ranks of opposition to the government. If the Ukrainian government cannot solve livelihood issues such as water and power outages in a timely manner, the government will face governance difficulties at that time.
In the context of war, both production and transportation require energy support. If the Ukrainian energy system collapses, the logistics supply of the Ukrainian army will immediately be unable to keep up, which is the disaster for the Ukrainian army, making it even more difficult to defeat the Russian army.


2. How to alleviate Ukraine's energy problems


Based on the current energy situation in Ukraine, many households and businesses are actively seeking green energy that can be used for stable and sustainable development, and solar energy has undoubtedly become an important choice. Because solar energy resources not only do not pollute the environment, but also are very convenient to use. We only need to install a solar system in a place where solar radiation can be obtained to power the load. However, facing the current war situation in Ukraine, storing solar energy has become very important. Therefore, in solar energy systems, UPS inverter with battery have become extremely important. UPS inverter with battery can be used in a wide range of applications, such as data centers, communication centers, commercial centers, industrial centers, and other places that require backup power supply. A UPS inverter is a converter that converts direct current into alternating current. This type of UPS inverter with battery receives electrical energy through a solar panel and supplies power to the load through the conversion of the UPS inverter. At the same time, it can also adjust the charging of the battery through the controller to store solar energy in the battery. When cold nights come, the direct current in the battery can be released, and then the conversion of the UPS inverter provides power for various loads, In this way, even if disconnected from the power grid, it can ensure people's normal work and life throughout the day.

In addition, UPS inverter with battery can not only use solar energy to charge the batteries, but also use AC power to charge the batteries. Therefore, when the power grid can be connected, the battery can be replenished in a timely manner. When the power grid is cut off, the UPS inverter can still use the power provided by the battery to power the house.

Therefore, as an uninterruptible power supply, the UPS inverter with battery can help Ukraine alleviate the current energy crisis!


UPS inverter with battery


3. How to choose high-quality UPS inverter with battery


In order to ensure the stable operation of our solar system and fully improve power generation efficiency, it is necessary to choose a high-quality UPS inverter with battery. A high-quality UPS inverter with battery requires the following:


3.1. Wide power range, capable of supporting various inductive high-power electrical loads, with unbalanced load design. The HDSX UPS inverter with battery 4KVA-200KVA from Xindun Power company is designed with 100% unbalanced load and 3 times the peak power, which can adapt to different types of loads.
3.2 Set different working modes according to different usage requirements. The UPS inverter with battery from Xindun Power has three operating modes: DC mode, AC mode, and energy-saving mode. Switch between solar input and mains input to maximize the utilization of solar energy and store backup power.
3.3 Adapt to various harsh electrical environments. The UPS inverter with battery from Xindun Power can operate at temperatures ranging from -15 ℃ to 60 ℃, with low noise and can adapt to harsh electrical environments such as high temperature changes, humidity, and high altitude.
3.4 Configure multiple communication interfaces and remotely control inverters. The UPS inverter with battery from Xindun Power has RS232/RS485/APP/SNMP/GSM communication interfaces for customers to choose from, and can remotely monitor the inverter, view the inverter's working data, and adjust the system's working status in a timely manner.


4. Why choose China Xindun Power?

As a senior inverter manufacturer in the solar energy industry, Xindun Power has developed and produced inverters and related system products for over 16 years. Our efficient production capacity and leading inverter technology are well-known internationally. Only if you pay close attention, you will find that Xindun inverters have spread across various industries, from small residential solar projects to large commercial solar projects, you can see Xindun power inverters.


UPS inverter with battery factory


UPS inverter with battery factory

In addition to UPS inverter with battery, Xindun Power also has other complete inverter series, which can be single-phase, three-phase, high-frequency, low-frequency, wall mounted or vertical, off grid or grid connected inverters, with a power range of 200W-160KW. In addition to inverters, we also produce system accessories such as controllers, solar panels, and batteries.


In short, in order to deal with the energy crisis in Ukraine, the UPS inverter with battery is an indispensable way to obtain energy. You are welcome to contact Xindun Power to obtain high-quality Ukrainian energy solutions. We will help you to give full play to the advantages of solar energy on the premise of cost saving.

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