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Solar Panel
Mono solar panel (also called mono solar cell) for sale. Original manufacturer and primary sources on mono panel cell, Zamdon provides mono solar panel at low price and good quality.
mono solar cell
mono solar cell
mono cell
mono solar panel price
mono panel
mono solar panel

Mono Solar Panel Price

Mono solar panel (also called mono solar cell) for sale. 320W ~ 380W, 425W ~ 455W, 570W ~ 590W. Original manufacturer, primary sources, Zamdon provides mono solar panel at low price and good quality.

  • Type : Mono Solar Panel Cell
  • Place of Origin : Foshan, Guangdong, China
  • Brand : XINDUN | ZAMDON
  • MOQ : 1 pc
  • OEM : Yes

mono solar cell manufacturer in china

mono solar panel price is low, 5% discount today, welcome to consult.

What is Mono Solar Panel?



1 All kinds of solar panels have the same purpose: converting sunlight into electricity. Mono solar panels also called as "monocrystalline solar panels". Each solar panel is made of a single silicon crystal. Mono solar panels are characterized by their black solar cells with rounded edges.


2 Mono solar panels are best for areas where space is limited since they produce more electricity on a smaller scale than poly panels. Mono solar panels can draw out the maximum amount of energy even in areas of lower sunlight. So, they are ideal when the goal is efficiency more than cost.


3 Mono solar panels tend to have better heat tolerance than poly solar panels. So, they are a good choice for areas of extreme heat, such as desert environments.

4 Suitable for areas with less sunlight and smaller applications.


5 Mono solar panels are more efficient, mono solar panels price is more expensive, but also provide a better return on investment.


Mono Solar Panel Specification




High Efficiency 72Cells Monocrystalline Solar Panel Models
Model type GZD320-72 GP-ZD330-72 GP-ZD340-72 GP-ZD350-72 GP-ZD360-72 GP-ZD370-72 GP-ZD380-72
Peak power (Pmax) 320W 330W 340W 350W 360W 370W 380W
Cell Efficiency 18.26% 18.83% 19.40% 19.97% 20.54% 21.12% 21.86%
Maximum power voltage (Vmp) 36.16V 36.56V 36.96V 37.36V 37.76V 38.16V 38.56V
Maximum power current (Imp) 8.84A 9.02A 9.19A 9.36A 9.53A 9.69A 9.85A
Open circuit voltage (Voc) 43.39V 43.87V 44.35V 44.83V 45.31V 45.79V 46.27V
Short circuit current (lsc) 9.45A 9.65A 9.83A 10.01A 10.19A 10.36A 10.53A
Power Tolerance ±3%
Maximum system voltage 1000VDC
Maximum Series fuse rating (A) 15A






High Efficiency Half-cut Monocrystalline Solar Panel Models
Model type GP-ZD425 GP-ZD430 GP-ZD435 GP-ZD440 GP-ZD445 GP-ZD450 GP-ZD455
Peak power (Pmax) 425W 430W 435W 440W 445W 450W 455W
Cell Efficiency 19.20% 19.50% 19.70% 19.90% 20.10% 20.40% 20.60%
Maximum power voltage (Vmp) 40.8 41.1 41.3 41.5 41.7 42 42.2
Maximum power current (Imp) 10.42 10.47 10.54 10.61 10.68 10.73 10.79
Open circuit voltage (Voc) 4802 48.4 48.6 48.8 49 49.2 49.4
Short circuit current (lsc) 11.12 11.17 11.22 11.27 11.32 11.37 11.42
Power Tolerance ±5W
Maximum system voltage 1000VDC
Maximum Series fuse rating (A) 15A


High Efficiency Half-cut Monocrystalline Solar Panel Models
Model type GP-ZD570 GP-ZD575 GP-ZD580 GP-ZD585 GP-ZD590
Peak power (Pmax) 570W 575W 580W 585W 590W
Cell Efficiency 20.50% 20.70% 20.90% 21.10% 21.20%
Maximum power voltage (Vmp) 35.5 35.7 35.9 36.1 36.3
Maximum power current (Imp) 16.06 16.11 16.16 16.21 16.25
Open circuit voltage (Voc) 42.5 42.7 42.9 43.1 43.3
Short circuit current (lsc) 17.1 17.14 17.18 17.21 17.25
Power Tolerance 20.9
Maximum system voltage 1000VDC
Maximum Series fuse rating (A) 15A

Mono Solar Panel Details

high efficiency mono solar cellmono solar cell back panelmono solar cell male and female connector


Mono Solar Panel Multiple Successful Testing


Power and tolerance
0~+3w positive power tolearance guarantee

Resistance to the PID
Harsh conditions for 96 hours testing qualified (@85℃/85%).For special severity installation environment, can meet higher standards

Stonger surface resistance to mechanical loads
Mono panel has passed the certification of 6000pa snow load and 3600pa wind load

High reliability and weather resistance
Through dust,salt fog,ammonia corrosion test,can effectively deal with the harsh environment.

The hail test
Mono panel passed the hail test with a diameter

Lower temperature coefficient
Better temperature coefficient makes the power attenusation less at high temperature


Mono Solar Panel Installation


mono solar cell project

mono solar cell, mono cell project all over the world

About Zamdon - Solar Panel Manufacturer in China



Mono solar cell manufacturer in china - ZamdonMono cell manufacturer in china - ZamdonMono cell manufacturer in china - Zamdon





What\'s the main differences between mono solar panel and poly solar panel?
A Silicone Arrangement: Mono solar panel has one pure silicon crystal, Poly solar panel has many silicon fragments melded together.
B Cost: Mono solar panel is more expensive, while poly solar panel is less expensive.
C Appearance: Mono solar panel is black hue, and poly solar panel is blue hue.
D Efficiency: Mono solar panel is more efficient, poly solar panel is less efficient.
E Lifespan: Mono solar panel is up to 25-40 years, and the poly one is to 20-35 years.
F Temperature Coefficient: Mono solar panel has lower temperature coefficient, making them more efficient in heat. But poly solar panel has higher temperature coefficient, making them less efficient in heat.


Which solar panel type is better? Mono panel or Poly panel?

Both mono solar panels and poly solar panels have certain advantages and disadvantages, which means that the better choice for you will depend on your specific project. Mono solar panels are recommended when space is limited and you are willing to make a larger investment for maximum efficiency. On the other hand, poly solar panels are recommended when you want to reduce upfront costs and space is not limited.


Can you supply a whole set solar power system?

Yes. We not only wholesale solar panels, but also batteries, solar inverter, solar controller and cables. We can customize a complete set solar power system solution for users.


What kind of enterprise is ZAMDON? Am I trustworthy?

ZAMDON is a sub-brand of XINDUN. XINDUN is an renewable energy manufacturer engaged in China for 15 years, independently developing, producing and selling solar inverters and solar controllers products. ZAMDON focuses on solar cells and batteries, and has branches overseas. Get in touch with ZAMDON via the message box below, you will absolutely love ZAMDON.


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