There are some common problems in the use of PV inverters. Next we will sort out these common problems and solutions for you.

Common problems and solutions for photovoltaic Inverters

  • Xindun
  • November 23, 2020

Photovoltaic inverter is one of the core components of the photovoltaic system. It not only needs to convert the DC power into the flow of electricity, but also feed the whole system to the user. However, there will be some common problems in the use of PV inverters. Next we will sort out these common problems and solutions for you.

Q: Power generation is significantly less?

XD: Solar cell group has short board effect (also called barrel effect). The decrease of power generation may be caused by the unclean surface of the solar module and the foreign object, which can be wiped on the surface of the component, and then observe whether the power generation is raised or not. If the amount of electricity is not significantly increased after wiping, check whether there is a shadow over the photovoltaic panel, and remove the source of the shadow in time, otherwise the heat spot will affect the power generation and life of the photovoltaic panel.

Q: How do you use the LCD display?

The XD: UP or DOWN key moves up and down the cursor; the ENTER key determines the key / move the cursor; the ESC key returns the key / moves the cursor forward.


Q: How do you look at the power generation?

XD: Selects "Statistics" in the "user interface" to choose the day\'s power generation, the week\'s power generation, the month\'s power generation, the total power generation (need to look down the option of DOWN downward).

Q: How to modify the boot voltage?

XD: In the "user interface" selects "set" "input password" "run parameter" (need to turn down to look for options by DOWN), can change the boot voltage, input values are allowed range, not allowed value is incapable of input.

Q: Why do photovoltaic grid connected inverters need more than one MPPT?

XD: On the one hand, to solve the problem of multi dip angle on the surface or building surface, for example, in order to cope with different roof dip angles, multichannel MPPT optimization system is needed to improve the utilization rate of the solar cell group. On the other hand, to solve the problem of the combination of various components, two tracks, the number of components of A road and B road and the model of components can be different, so that the design of the system is more diversified.

Q: Why is the collector always falling off the line?

XD: Collector frequently dropped, requiring (1) To check the communication address, communication protocol, baud rate (2) To see whether the connection is normal (3) To measure the voltage difference between the positive and negative terminals of the terminal.

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