Photovoltaic inverter is the main function of the photovoltaic modules of direct current into alternating current (ac), is a power electronic products.

In winter, will the photovoltaic inverter not work because of the low temperature?

  • Xindun
  • December 14, 2020

Photovoltaic inverter is the main function of the photovoltaic modules of direct current into alternating current (ac), is a power electronic products, main components are components and electronic devices, structure is not afraid of cold, electronic devices have a resistor, capacitor, inductor, relay, screen, fan, power switch tube, sensor, CPU chip, and so on, all the components of low temperature resistance, low temperature depends on the components of inverter.

In winter, will the inverter not work because of the low temperature?

Display operating temperature -30 ~ 80 degrees

LCD liquid crystal display, people is most worried about, at low temperature of liquid crystal would like water frozen solid, this worry is superfluous, mobile phone and LCD screen, you can also use 40 degrees below zero, photovoltaic inverter using the STN LCD, a transparent conductive glass, before and after working temperature in - 30 ~ 80 ℃, storage temperature is 35-80 ℃. Don\'t worry about LCD screens at low temperatures.

Working temperature of electrolytic capacitor -30 ~ 105 degrees

Because of the presence of electrolytic capacitors, people are also worried about whether they will freeze at low temperature. In fact, the electrolyte will not freeze at minus 40 degrees. However, the conductivity of electrolyte decreases with the decrease of temperature, which leads to the increase of electrolyte impedance and hence the increase of impedance. The work below the temperature limit will not damage the capacitance, especially when the inverter is running and current flows through the device, the heat generated will increase the temperature of the capacitor, making it much higher than the ambient temperature, so that the capacitor can maintain the operation of the equipment.

  Because of the characteristics of the dielectric material of the film capacitor, its ESR value is low, so its heat generation is very low. The capacitance of thin film capacitor can work at minus 50 degrees, and its capacity is not affected. It has a wider range of ambient temperature, which is also the difference between liquid capacitor and solid capacitor.

Working temperature of IC chips is to 40 ℃ ~ 85 degrees

A chip is an integrated circuit made by a process on a semiconductor substrate. However, the performance of semiconductor is not unchanging, and temperature is an important factor affecting semiconductor chips. With the increase or decrease of temperature, the conductivity, ultimate voltage, ultimate current, and switching characteristics of semiconductor are greatly changed, and the change of these parameters may cause the external characteristics of semiconductor. For example, a single chip can withstand voltage of 1.4 V at room temperature, the temperature is too high, may not, lead to the breakdown of the semiconductor chip damage, the temperature is too low to cause 1.4 V can not open it cannot work normally, because it is within the semiconductor switches in the inverter control chip DSP, ARM and CPLD, still has a lot of light lotus root, transport, storage, and so on, the working temperature of IC chips is to 40 ℃ ~ 85 ℃, can lower the storage temperature, so don\'t worry about IC chip does not work in low temperature, but there may be a drift may be a little luck in low temperature, the temperature, voltage, Current testing results in errors.

Power module operating temperature -40 ~ 125 degrees

The operating temperature range of power module is a very important parameter. Temperature and heat dissipation are important for reliable and efficient operation of the system. Power module of temperature range between 40-125 ℃, the main is afraid of high temperature, low temperature has no effect on power module, and once inverter is running, the temperature of power module will quickly rise.

Cooling fan operating temperature -10 ~ 70 degrees

The working temperature of the fan is generally between -10-70 degrees, and it may not work at low temperature. However, the main function of the fan is to dissipate heat.

Current sensor is the most critical components inverter, its measuring accuracy and linearity error will directly decide the hardware efficiency, which has two kinds of open loop and closed loop, open loop current sensor is generally voltage type, small volume, light weight, no insertion loss, low cost, linear precision of 99%, about 1% of the total error of measurement, closed loop current sensor, wide frequency range, high precision, fast response time, strong anti-interference ability, linear precision of 99.9%, 0.4% of the total error of measurement. The working temperature of the closed-loop current sensor is between -40 and 85 degrees, and that of the open-loop current sensor is between -10 and 80 degrees. Therefore, it is recommended to use the closed-loop sensor in the low temperature environment in the north.  


Inverter can work in 30 degrees below zero, key components can guarantee the normal work of the inverter, cable should choose good low temperature resistance and current sensor function model, guerrero watt MAX60-80 - kw inverter, with functions of SVG, without the sun, also can output reactive power, improve power factor, so it can work 24 hours a day, and as long as inverter in work, the temperature will rise.