The photovoltaic industry has gradually become the current star industry, and many families have installed pv inverter. What are the installation procedures and precautions of pv inverter ?

Pv inverter installation process and matters needing attention

  • Xindun
  • December 01, 2020

Pv inverter installation process

1. Open the box to check whether the product accessories, installation tools and parts are complete, and whether the installation environment meets the requirements

2. Electrical connection, current side connection, ac side connection, ground connection, communication line connection

3. Complete the inspection of pv array, ac side line inspection, dc line inspection, grounding, communication and attachment inspection

4. No problem can be officially operated when running test on line. If problems are found, they can only be operated after problems are solved

5. Official operation

Pv inverter installation process and matters needing attention

Precautions for pv inverter installation

1. Site selection

When choosing the installation site, we should consider whether the surrounding environment affects the photovoltaic inverter. The inverter should be avoided directly by sunlight, otherwise the temperature of the equipment will be too high and the temperature of the inverter can be caused, which will affect the power generation of the inverter. At the same time, ensure that there are no other power electronic equipment interference.

2. Installation requirements

The inverter should be installed around it to maintain a certain gap, so as to facilitate inverter heat dissipation, and facilitate the later inverter manufacturers to maintain. If the inverter does not have lightning protection function, the lightning protection system should be installed on the DC side and maintain good grounding. In the initial installation, a reasonable selection and network, the installation of large capacity photovoltaic power system at the end of the village, more than 3 units (including 3) in the installation of the inverter to access different phase fire line grid, to prevent the inverter overvoltage problem.

3. Electrical connection preparation

Before conducting electrical connection, we must use opaque materials to cover or disconnect the PV panels. Otherwise, if exposed to sunlight for a long time, the PV array will generate a dangerous voltage.

4. Eectrical materials and wiring requirements

The cable quality used in the photovoltaic power station must be qualified and the connection is strong. The DC photovoltaic cable must be pressed with the special pressing clamp to avoid the accident caused by late contact. The electrical installation must meet the local and national electrical standards. The installation operation must be completed by the professional technician.

5. Power sector license

The inverter can be connected to the grid only after obtaining the permission of the local power department.

Precautions for inverter maintenance

1. In the photovoltaic power station system, no matter for any maintenance work, first disconnect the electrical connection between the inverter and the power grid, and then disconnect the electrical connection at the dc side. Second, wait at least 5 minutes until the internal components of the inverter are powered down.

2. In the maintenance operation, preliminary visual inspection equipment is damaged or other dangerous situation, specific operation shall abide by the electrostatic protection specification, when wearing anti-static hand ring, pay attention to the warning mark on the product, pay attention to whether inverter heat surface temperature cooling, at the same time to avoid unnecessary contact between the body and circuit board.

3. After the completion of the maintenance, make sure that any failure affecting the safety performance of the inverter has been solved before the inverter can be turned on again.

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