There are many precautions for the use and maintenance of the inverter. Standard use and maintenance of the inverter can extend its life

Use and maintenance of inverter

  • Xindun
  • November 26, 2020


1. Connect and install the equipment in strict accordance with the requirements of the operation and maintenance manual of the inverter. When installing, you should carefully check whether the wire diameter meets the requirements. Whether the parts and terminals are loose in transportation; Whether the insulation should be well insulated; Whether the grounding of the system conforms to the regulations.

2. The inverter shall be operated and used in strict accordance with the maintenance manual of the inverter. Especially: before starting the machine, please pay attention to whether the input voltage is normal. Attention should be paid to switch the machine in the correct order when operating, and whether the indicator heads and lights are normal.

3. Generally, the inverter has automatic protection for such items as circuit breaking, over-current, over-voltage and overheating, so there is no need to stop manually when these phenomena occur. The protection point of automatic protection is generally set up at the time of delivery without any further adjustment.

4. There is high pressure in the cabinet of the inverter. Generally, operators should not open the cabinet door. The cabinet door should be locked at ordinary times.

5. At room temperature for more than 30 ℃, the cooling cooling measures should be taken, to prevent equipment failure and prolong the service life of equipment.

Use and maintenance of inverter


1. Check whether the connection of all parts of the inverter is firm and there is no looseness, especially the fan, power module, input terminal, output terminal and grounding.

2. Once the alarm is stopped, the machine is not allowed to start immediately. The reason should be found out and the machine should be started after repair.

3. Operators must be specially trained to determine the causes of common failures and be able to troubleshoot them, such as skillfully replacing fuses, components and damaged circuit boards. Personnel without training shall not be employed to operate and use equipment.

4. If there is an accident that is not easy to be eliminated or the cause of the accident is unclear, the accident shall be recorded in detail and the inverter manufacturer shall be informed to solve it in time.