The solar photovoltaic system is composed of a solar cell group, a solar controller, and a battery (group). If the output power is AC 220V or 110V, an inverter is also required.

Where should the solar inverter system be installed?

  • Xindun
  • November 19, 2020

In the solar inverter system, in addition to the roof component system, is the inverter and the electrical system

A inverter is a conversion device that converts the direct current generated by solar energy components through sunlight into a current source that meets the requirements of the power grid and transfers energy into the power grid.

Where should the inverter system be installed?

The main functions of the inverter are dc -> ac conversion, data collection of the photovoltaic system, and monitoring of battery pack and grid parameters. It\'s the heart of the photovoltaic system.

Due to the need for ventilation and heat dissipation, the inverter is generally installed outdoors, but cannot be directly exposed to sunlight. Therefore, it is generally installed near the household electricity meter box.