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The solar power system is composed of solar battery pack, solar controller, storage battery (group) and inverter. Many factors must be considered to configure a suitable system.

What factors need to be considered when configuring a solar power system?

  • Xindun
  • September 09, 2020

The solar power system is composed of solar battery packs, solar controllers, and battery packs. If you want the output power of the solar power system to be AC, you also need to configure an inverter.

Design of off grid photovoltaic power generation system

The configuration of solar power system mainly considers the following factors:

1. Where is the solar power system used? What is the solar radiation situation in this place?

2. What is the total power of all loads?

3. What is the output voltage of the system?

4. How long does the load need to work a day?

5. In case of rainy weather, how many days does the system need to supply power continuously?

6. Is the load purely resistive, capacitive or inductive, and what is the starting current?

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