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The function of the low frequency inverter is to transform the direct current into alternating current to supply power to the electrical products. You can choose the corresponding inverter according to the rated power of the electrical product. Be su

How to use low frequency inverter?

  • Xindun
  • August 27, 2020

The following is how to use low frequency inverter:

1. Environmental requirements

The area where the machine is placed must be well ventilated, away from water, flammable gas and corrosive agents; the ambient temperature should be kept between 0°-40°C; the machine must be completely dry before installation and use, otherwise there is a danger of electric shock. If the machine is placed out of use for a long time, it can be installed and used after confirming that the machine is completely dry and free of corrosion.

2. Wire diameter selection

Use cables with suitable wire diameters, which cannot be lower than the national electricity safety standards.

3. Connect the battery

Determine the appropriate number of battery cells according to the inverter\'s rated battery voltage, and connect the negative pole of the battery to the BATTERY (-) terminal of the inverter, and the positive pole of the battery to the BATTERY (+) terminal of the inverter. Don\'t reverse it.

4. Connect the load

Turn off all loads first, connect the DC load to the DC output of the inverter (if there is no built-in controller, ignore this content), and connect the AC load to the AC output of the inverter. Confirm that the load polarity will not be reversed, and ensure that the load is lower than the standard power of the inverter, and its starting current cannot exceed the peak starting power of the inverter (2~3 times the rated power).

low frequency inverter

5. Connect PV (if there is no built-in controller, ignore this step)

The PV array voltage/current must be lower than the maximum PV input voltage/current of the inverter. Connect the PV cable to a circuit breaker that meets the breaking capacity, and then connect it to the PV input port of the inverter. Note that the positive and negative poles cannot be reversed.

6. Connect to mains

Disconnect the grid voltage first, connect the mains input cable to the device with overcurrent protection, and then connect it to the AC input port of the inverter. Do not reverse the phase and polarity.

If the customer\'s inverter is purchased from Xindun, please consult the relevant salesperson to obtain the wiring diagram of the inverter connected components: such as the series and parallel configuration methods of the photovoltaic array and the battery.