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If you are thinking about how to buy a pv system inverter from a pv inverter manufacturer, then you can read this article. With the help of this article, you can choose a better inverter for your solar system.

Can I buy pv system inverter directly from manufacturers?

  • Xindun
  • June 10, 2023

Are you looking for  pv system inverter manufacturer?


Can I buy pv system inverter directly from manufacturers? The answer is yes! But which pv inverter manufacturers you choose depends on what kind of pv system inverter you need, and different applications require different types of pv system inverters.


1. The application place of the pv system inverter

The type of pv system inverter depends on your application. As we all know, pv system inverters can be used in a wide range, whether it is small homes, offices, small shops, outdoor travel, etc., or large commercial centers, medical institutions, communication equipment, school institutions, financial centers, manufacturing, solar power generation , new energy industry, etc., pv system inverters can be seen everywhere, and pv system inverters have gradually become an indispensable device in daily life. But if you want to buy a pv system inverter, you must understand the purpose of your inverter in order to determine the appearance, voltage, power and other design of your pv system inverter, as well as other accessories that your inverter system needs.


2. What is a high-quality pv system inverter?

★ Inverter power generation efficiency.

Inverter power generation efficiency is an essential consideration when selecting a pv system inverter because it directly affects the energy that can be generated and utilized.
Inverter power generation efficiency refers to the efficiency with which the inverter converts DC power into AC power that can be used to power electrical appliances. The more efficient the pv system inverter, the more energy it can generate from sunlight under the same conditions.
Xindun pv system inverter output efficiency (battery/photovoltaic mode) can reach 94%, and in AC mode, the output efficiency can reach 99%.

★ PV system inverter waveform

The pure sine wave inverter is the device with the safest, most stable and best quality output waveform, and the pure sine wave inverter is compatible with various loads. While stably maintaining the power generation of the system, it protects the load from damage and provide the load stable and safe power.
The pv system inverters of Xindun are all pure sine wave output, which ensures the stable operation of the inverter system and provides a stable uninterrupted power supply.

★ PV system inverter flexibility

A high-quality inverter can have a built-in MPPT solar controller, and the MPPT controller can track the maximum power point to maximize the efficiency of solar power generation. Most of Xindun pv system inverters can have built-in MPPT controllers, and you can choose to have the battery or not.
Solar charging, mains charging, and generator charging are integrated, and the three charging methods can be flexibly configured. The three working modes of solar energy, mains power and battery can also be flexibly deployed. They interact with each other and give full play to their respective advantages to maximize the efficiency of power consumption.

★ PV system inverter monitoring

A high-quality pv system inverter should have the function of real-time monitoring of the inverter system. Check the running data of the pv system inverter and set the parameters of the inverter through the LED+LCD display. Remote real-time monitoring of the inverter system's operating status, including power generation, operating data, operating environment, and system failures, can also be achieved through RS485 communication, APP/WIFI, etc., to ensure stable operation of the system.

Xindun Power pv system inverters all have the above advantages and can provide you with high-quality inverters.


HP PRO-T pv system inverter


HP PRO-T pv system inverter wring diagram


ESS pv system inverter


ESS pv system inverter wring diagram


3. How to use the pv system inverter correctly?

Proper use of an inverter is very important to ensure its efficient and reliable operation. Here are some tips on how to use the pv system inverter properly:

●Choose the right pv system inverter: According to the power requirements of your equipment and electrical appliances, choose the inverter that suits your specific needs.
●Connect the inverter correctly: correctly connect the inverter to the system equipment and appliances, and ensure that the cables and connectors are properly fixed.
●Use the inverter safely: Take precautions to avoid electric shock or damage to the pv system inverter, such as keeping away from water and using a surge protector.
●Regularly monitor and maintain the inverter: The pv system inverter should be kept clean and dry, away from damp, dust and direct sunlight. Regularly check the performance of the pv system inverter, such as monitoring the battery level, checking the AC output voltage, checking for any warning or error messages.


4. Why import inverters from China pv inverter manufacturers?


In the first 11 months of 2022, China's total export of solar products will be 346 billion yuan, of which Europe will import 176 billion yuan of Chinese solar products. And among the top 20 solar energy companies in the world, China accounts for more than 15. Moreover, Chinese pv inverter manufacturers have set up branch factories all over the world to provide convenient and fast services for customers all over the world.

According to the 2023 inverter export data of the General Administration of Customs of China, the cumulative export from January to February was 9,006,600 units, an increase of 2,856,800 units over the same period in 2022, and a year-on-year increase of 46.45%. From January to April, the cumulative export of inverters was US$4.12 billion, +122.3% year-on-year. Among them, Africa increased by 491% in April, and its performance was outstanding!
Chinese pv inverter manufacturers rely on their own strength to become the choice of customers all over the world to import inverters!


5. Advantages of Chinese Xindun pv inverter manufacturer

As a pv inverter manufacturer with a history of 17 years, Xindun has become a leader in the industry despite fierce competition, ranking among the top 20 in China's inverter industry.


Xindun pv inverter manufacturer

Xindun has a factory of more than 10,000 square meters, advanced R&D, production and testing equipment, which help us quickly meet customer needs. And we have a complete series of pv system inverters: off-grid inverters, hybrid solar inverters, single-phase three-phase inverters, energy storage inverters, ups inverters, etc. Xindun pv inverter manufacturer can not only provide more than 40 existing inverter types for you to choose from, our senior engineers can also help you develop and design new inverters, and customize pv system inverters according to your market needs.

Now the inverters of Xindun pv inverter manufacturer have been exported to more than 100 countries and regions, and we have also set up a number of overseas warehouses to serve customers. There are pv system inverter overseas warehouses and branches in Nigeria, Senegal, Kenya, South Africa, Tanzania, Dubai, Pakistan, Philippines, and Indonesia.


Cooperate with Xindun pv inverter manufacturer


If you are looking for a reliable pv inverter manufacturer, Xindun pv inverter manufacturer is undoubtedly your wise choice, we have absolute advantages in the market in terms of price and quality, welcome to consult us to know more.


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