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According to reports, Vietnam has suffered a severe power shortage recently. As a green and sustainable power solution, solar energy photovoltaic systems are welcomed by many business owners. But how to choose a solar pv system is also a headache.

Solar energy photovoltaic system for vietnam power shortage

  • Xindun
  • June 14, 2023

Solar energy photovoltaic system for vietnam power shortage


●Power shortage in Vietnam


Recently, many places in Vietnam have experienced high temperature and hot weather. Vietnam is reportedly grappling with its worst ever power shortage as a heatwave exacerbates coal shortages, depleted reservoirs and failure of old power plants. This is the first time that industrial parks and production plants have suffered rolling blackouts, while residential areas have seen prolonged outages. This has dealt a serious blow to Vietnam's manufacturing enterprises and residents' life and work. According to the Ministry of Industry and Trade, Vietnam's power system will face a shortfall of about 4,350 megawatts (up to 50.8 million kWh per day) during the peak summer electricity consumption period.


●How to solve the power shortage in Vietnam?

Solar power is a clean, renewable energy source that can help alleviate Vietnam's electricity shortage problem. Solar energy can reduce dependence on fossil fuels, reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and diversify the energy mix. However, solar pv systems need to be designed and operated with proper technologies and solutions to ensure high efficiency, reliability and stability.


●What types of solar photovoltaic systems are there?

There are different types of solar energy photovoltaic systems depending on how they are connected to the grid and how the energy storage is used. The main types are:

1) Grid-connected solar pv system: This solar pv system connects solar panels directly to the grid through an inverter that converts direct current (DC) to alternating current (AC). The solar pv system can send excess power to the grid or draw power from the grid when needed. But the solar pv system cannot operate during an outage, potentially causing voltage fluctuations on the grid.

2) Off-grid solar photovoltaic system: This solar photovoltaic system operates independently of the grid and relies on batteries or other devices to store excess power to provide backup power. The solar photovoltaic system can power remote locations or critical loads that require uninterrupted power.

3) Hybrid solar energy photovoltaic system: This solar energy photovoltaic system combines grid-connected and off-grid functions, allowing users to switch between different modes according to grid conditions and load requirements. The solar energy photovoltaic system can also integrate other renewable energy sources or generators to power loads while also storing power in batteries. There are many ways to charge the battery, including solar charging, mains charging, and generator charging. The solar energy photovoltaic system is more flexible and resilient than on-grid or off-grid systems.


hybrid solar photovoltaic system


solar photovoltaic system application



●What kind of solar pv system should Vietnam choose?

According to the current power shortage problem in Vietnam, grid-connected solar photovoltaic systems are not suitable for Vietnam because of unstable power supply and are expensive. Off-grid solar energy photovoltaic systems are more suitable for those remote areas in Vietnam without grids, which can provide stable and uninterrupted power supply. Hybrid solar pv systems are suitable for areas in Vietnam that have utility power supply and abundant solar energy. During the day, the load can be powered by solar energy and mains power, and the excess solar energy and mains power can be stored. At night or when the power is cut off, the load can still be powered by the backup power of the battery.


● Advantages of choosing China Xindun Power manufacturer


China Xindun Power is headquartered in Foshan, Guangdong. It has more than 16 years of experience in R&D and manufacturing solar products. Our products include: hybrid solar inverters, single-phase three-phase inverters, energy storage inverters, ups inverters, solar controllers, lithium batteries and other solar photovoltaic system products.


solar energy photovoltaic system manufacturer-Xindun


We can configure high-quality off-grid or hybrid solar energy photovoltaic systems according to the specific needs of customers. Now our solar pv systems have been put into use in more than 100 countries and regions, helping them solve their electricity needs while protecting the environment and achieving sustainability develop.


solar photovoltaic system-Xindun


solar energy photovoltaic system-Xindun


If you are looking for a green and sustainable solar photovoltaic system solution for your country, then Xindun Power will be your good choice.

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