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Inverters are converted from DC inverter to AC output. The AC voltage converted by the single-phase inverter is single-phase, namely AC220V. The AC voltage converted by the three-phase inverter is three-phase, which is AC 380V. Users can choose the i

What are the differences between single phase inverter and three phase inverter?

  • Xindun
  • August 20, 2020

The ac voltage converted by the single phase inverter is single-phase, namely AC220V. The interface of single phase inverter has three jholes, which are marked with "N", "L" and "PE" respectively.

single phase inverter

The ac voltage converted by the three phase inverter is three-phase, namely AC380V. The three-phase electricity is composed of three AC potentials with the same frequency, the same amplitude, and the phase in turn 120° different from each other. The interface of three-phase inverter has five holes, which are A, B, C, N, PE. A, B, C may also be L1, L2, L3, or U, V, W.

three phase inverter

If you are using a three-phase power source, choose a three-phase inverter. Single-phase inverter is selected when using single-phase power supply.

Most homes usually use single-phase power. Three-phase power sources are commonly used in industrial Settings because they transmit more power, generate more electricity for direct use, and are used to power large equipment. Compared with single-phase transformer of the same capacity, three-phase transformer is manufactured with less material, simple structure and excellent performance.

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