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Do you know inverter? How many kinds of inverter are there?

  • Xindun
  • December 14, 2020

With the improvement of people\'s living standards and the progress of science and technology, solar energy storage equipment has been widely used in people\'s lives. Solar energy off-grid system is more common, and inverter is an indispensable component of solar energy storage equipment. This article will introduce the basic knowledge of inverter for solar off grid system.

Do you know inverter? How many kinds of inverter are there?

Inverter concept

Usually, the inverter will transform the alternating current into direct current. Correspondingly, the process of converting DC power into AC power is called inversion, the circuit that completes the inversion function is called inversion circuit, and the device that realizes the inversion process is called inversion equipment or inverter. There are many kinds of inverters, which can be classified according to different methods.

1. According to the frequency of the inverter output AC power, it can be divided into power frequency inverter, intermediate frequency inverter and high frequency inverter. Generally speaking, the frequency of power frequency inverter is 50 ~ 60HZ; the frequency of intermediate frequency inverter is 400 HZ to more than 10 KHZ; and the frequency of high frequency inverter is generally more than 10 KHZ to MHZ.

2. according to the phase number of inverter output, it can be divided into single-phase inverter, three-phase inverter and multi-phase inverter.

3. according to the direction of inverter output power, it can be divided into active inverter and passive inverter. Active inverter mainly transmits the power output from the inverter to the industrial grid, while passive inverter transmits the power output from the inverter to a certain load.

4. The main circuit of the inverter is divided into single-ended inverter, push-pull inverter, half-bridge inverter and full-bridge inverter.

5. According to the types of main switching devices, the inverter can be divided into thyristor inverter, transistor inverter, field effect inverter and insulated gate bipolar transistor inverter.

6. from the point of view of DC power supply, it can be divided into voltage source inverter and current source inverter. The DC voltage is nearly constant, and the output voltage is alternating square wave.

7. According to the output voltage or current of the inverter, it is divided into sinusoidal output inverter and non-sinusoidal output inverter.

No matter what kind of inverter, the ultimate goal is to use photovoltaic power generation. With the application of solar energy storage equipment, people\'s lives have gradually improved. If users want to know more about solar off-grid systems or inverters, they can consult Xindun.