This article introduces the common parameters of the inverter.

Do you know these parameters of inverters?

  • Xindun
  • December 14, 2020

Common parameters of inverters:

1. Operating environment conditions of inverter, normal operating conditions of inverter: altitude is not more than 1000m, air temperature is 0 ~ + 40.

2. DC input power supply conditions, input DC voltage fluctuation range: battery rated voltage (+ 15%).

3. Rated output voltage, the rated output voltage value of the inverter when the rated current is output under the specified input power supply conditions. Voltage fluctuation range: single phase 220V + 5%, three phase 380 + 5%.

4. Rated output current, the rated current value of the inverter should be output under the specified output frequency and load power factor.

5. Rated output frequency. The rated output frequency of the fixed frequency inverter is 50Hz under specified conditions.
Frequency fluctuation range: 50Hz + 2%.

6. The maximum harmonic content of inverter, sine wave inverter, under resistive load, the maximum harmonic content of output voltage should be less than 10%.

Do you know these parameters of inverters?

7. The overload capacity of the inverter, under specified conditions, in a relatively short period of time, the inverter output over the rated current capacity. The overload capacity of the inverter should meet certain requirements under the specified load power factor.

8. Inverter efficiency, in the rated output voltage, output, current and load power factor, the inverter output active power and input active power (or DC power) ratio.

9. the load power factor, the allowable range of the load power factor of the inverter, and the recommended value of 0.7 to 1.

10. Load asymmetry. Under 10% asymmetric load, the output voltage asymmetry of three-phase inverter with fixed frequency should be less than 10%.

11. The degree of asymmetry of the output voltage should be less than 5% under normal working conditions.

12. Starting characteristics, under normal operating conditions, the inverter under full load and no-load operating conditions, should be able to start five times continuously.

13. Protection function, inverter should be set: short circuit protection, overcurrent protection, overvoltage protection, under-voltage protection and lack of phase protection.

15. Interference and anti-interference, the inverter should be in the normal working conditions, can withstand the electromagnetic interference in general environment. The anti-interference performance and electromagnetic compatibility of the inverter should comply with the relevant standards.

16. Inverters that are not frequently operated, monitored and maintained shall be <95 db; inverters that are frequently operated, monitored and maintained shall be <80 db.
17. Display shows that the inverter should be equipped with AC output voltage, output current and output frequency data display, and input live, power and fault state signal display.