There are many steps and precautions for installing a PV inverter, please follow Xindun to learn about it.

How to install the pv inverter? How to choose the installation location?

  • Xindun
  • December 01, 2020

How to install the pv inverter? Notes are as follows:

1. Before installation, check whether the pv inverter is damaged during transportation.

2. When selecting the installation site of the photovoltaic inverter, it shall ensure that there is no interference from any other power and electronic equipment in the surrounding area.

3. Before electrical connection, it is important to cover or disconnect the dc side circuit breaker with opaque material. When exposed to sunlight, pv arrays generate dangerous voltages.

4. All installation operations must be completed by professional technicians only.

5. The cables used in the pv system must be firmly connected, well insulated and of suitable specifications.

6. All electrical installations must meet local and national electrical standards.

7. The pv inverter can be connected to the network only after obtaining permission from the local power department and all electrical connections are completed by professional technicians.

8. Before carrying out any maintenance work, first disconnect the electrical connection between the inverter and the power grid, and then disconnect the electrical connection on the dc side.

9. Wait for at least 5 minutes until the internal components are discharged.

10. Any failure that affects the safety performance of the inverter must be eliminated immediately before it can be turned on again.

11. Avoid unnecessary circuit board contact.

12. Observe the electrostatic protection specifications and wear anti-static bracelet.

13. Pay attention to and follow the warning signs on the product.

14. Visually check whether the equipment is damaged or in any other dangerous state before operation.

15. Pay attention to the hot surface of the inverter. For example, the heat sink of power semiconductor, etc., still maintain high temperature in the period after power failure of inverter.

How to install the pv inverter? How to choose the installation location?

How to choose the installation position of pv inverter?

1. Do not install the inverter in the direct sunlight. Otherwise, additional internal temperature of the inverter may be caused, and the inverter will run at a reduced rate to protect internal components. Even high temperature causes temperature failure of the inverter.

2. The installation site should be strong enough to support the weight of the inverter for a long time.

3. The selected installation site environment temperature for 25 ° ~ 50 ° C, installation environment should be clean.

4. The environmental humidity of the selected installation site shall not exceed 95%, and there is no condensation.

5. Enough clearance should be left in front of the inverter for easy observation of data and maintenance.

6. Install it as far as possible away from residents\' lives, and it will generate some noise during operation.

7. The installation place ensures that it will not shake.

Photovoltaic inverter efficiency affects the overall efficiency of photovoltaic power generation system, its installation matters can not be ignored, needs to have a professional operation, to ensure to provide for photovoltaic inverter stable operating environment.