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Solar Generator
Xindun portable solar power station with lifepo4 battery, mppt solar controller and pure sine wave inverter in one. Solar power station suitable for home and outdoor emergency and backup power supply. Chinese factory wholesale home lifepo4 power station.
portable solar power station
portable solar power station
lifepo4 power station
home power station
home solar power station
lifepo4 solar power station

ESS-LI Portable Home Lifepo4 Solar Power Station 300W-7000W

Home power station 300W 600W 1200W 2200W 3000W 5000W 6000W 7000W, built-in LiFePO4 Battery 50Ah 100Ah 150Ah or 200Ah, Ouput: AC110V/220V with AC Outlet / terminal, and DC12V / 5V USB plug & play design | Portable solar power station combines pure sine wave inverter, MPPT solar controller and lifepo4 in one box

  • Type : Off Grid Portable Solar Power Station
  • Place of Origin : Foshan, Guangdong, China
  • Brand : XINDUN POWER
  • MOQ : 1 pcs
  • OEM : Yes

 LiFePO4 Solar Power Station Feature


- Convenient installation, integrating mppt solar controller, pure sine wave inverter and lifepo4 battery all in one machine.
- Compact and elegant design, unique art design and convenient output connection port.
- Flexible energy storage capacity, supporting three charging methods: solar power, petrol and diesel generator, and grid power.
- Support wifi or app monitoring.
- With overvoltage, overtemperature, overload, battery BMS report and comprehensive protection.



  LiFePO4 Solar Power Station Specification


Model ESS-Li 301H/A 601H/A 122H 222H 302H 502H 502H/150 502H/200 602H 702H
Rated Power 300W 600W 1200W 2200W 3000W 5000W 5000W 5000W 6000W 7000W
Standard Battery Voltage 12.8VDC 25.6VDC 51.2VDC
Battery Type LiFePO4 Battery
Battery Capacity 50AH 100AH 150AH 200AH
Max Charge Current (utility grid+solar) 25A 30A 30A 60A 55A 90A 90A 90A 110A 110A
Max utility grid/solar charge current 20A/5A 20A/10A 20A/10A 40A/20A 40A/15A 60A/30A 60A/30A 60A/30A 80A/30A 80A/30A
AC Input
AC Input Voltage 110VAC/120VAC/220VAC/230VAC/240VAC
AC Input Frequency 45Hz~55Hz(50Hz),55Hz~65Hz(60Hz)
AC Output
Output Wave Pure sine wave
 Conversion efficiency(INV mode) >85%
Output Voltage/Frequency (INV mode) 110VAC/120VAC/220VAC/230VAC/240VAC / 50Hz±1%,60Hz±1% (Can be set)
MPPT Solar Charge Controller

Max PV Input Voltage(Voc)

(At The Lowest Temperature)

120VDC  120VDC 120VDC 180VDC 180VDC 180VDC 180VDC 180VDC 180VDC
PV Array Maximum Power 280W 560W 1120W 2240W 3360W 3360W 3360W 4480W 4480W
MPPT Tracking Voltage Range 15V-80CDV  30VDC-100VDC 30VDC-100VDC 60VDC-140VDC
Protection  Battery undervoltage protection/Battery overvoltage protection/Battery overvoltage recovery voltage/Overload power protection/Short circuit protection/Overtemperature protection
Protection Degree IP20
Display LCD
Cooling method Cooling fan in intelligent control
Communication  RS485, Mobile APP(WIFI or GPRS monitor)(optional)
Working Mode Mains priority/PV priority
Operating Temperature -15 ℃ ~40 ℃
Relative Humidity 0%-95% (No condensation)
Product Size(L*W*Hmm) 560*380*150 630*430*219 525*245*938 540*325*1157
Package Size(L*W*Hmm) 610*435*225 680*485*295 585*305*1100 600*385*1285
N.W.(kg)(excluding battery) 7 10 15 20.5 37 40 52.5 52.5 54.5 57.5
G.W.(kg)(excluding battery) 8.5 11.5 16.5 22.5 45 48 62.5 62.5 64.5 67.5



  LiFePO4 Solar Power Station Highlight

home solar power station all in one designhome solar power station lcd displayhome solar power station communication porthome power station dc ac and usb porthome power station three charging methods



  LiFePO4 Solar Power Station Model

portable solar power station 300w 600w

portable solar power station 1200w

portable solar power station 2200w

portable solar power station 3000w

portable solar power station 5000w 6000w 7000w



  LiFePO4 Solar Power Station Wiring Diagram

portable solar power station wiring diagram

Users only need to connect solar panels or power grids or diesel and gasoline generators to use the portable solar power station anytime and anywhere.



  LiFePO4 Solar Power Station Application


install the lifepo4 power station

install the home power station


Here are some common applications of LiFePO4 solar power stations:

Off-grid living: LiFePO4 power stations are ideal for providing reliable energy in off-grid homes, cabins, or remote locations where access to the electrical grid is limited or unavailable. They can power lights, appliances, communication devices, and other essential electronics.

Outdoor activities: LiFePO4 power stations are popular among outdoor enthusiasts for camping, hiking, boating, and RVing. They provide a portable and convenient source of power for charging smartphones, tablets, cameras, and other gadgets, as well as running small appliances like portable fridges or fans.

Emergency preparedness: LiFePO4 power stations serve as essential backup power solutions during emergencies such as power outages, natural disasters, or grid failures. They can keep critical devices operational, such as medical equipment, communication devices, and emergency lights, ensuring safety and connectivity during challenging situations.

Construction and worksites: LiFePO4 power stations are useful for providing temporary power at construction sites, remote worksites, or events where access to traditional power sources may be limited. They can power tools, lighting, and other equipment, increasing productivity and efficiency on-site.



  LiFePO4 Solar Power Station Supplier & Manufacturer

home solar power station manufacturer in China

lifepo4 solar power station quality control

portable solar power station company

lifepo4 power station certification

Xindun stands as a premier supplier and manufacturer of LiFePO4 solar power stations, we understand that every market and customer is unique. That's why we offer customization options to meet specific requirements and preferences. Whether it's adjusting the capacity, adding features, or branding, we can tailor our products to your specifications.





1. What is a portable solar power station?

A portable solar power station is a compact and lightweight energy solution that combines solar panels, a battery storage system, and an inverter into a single unit. It allows users to harness solar energy to power various electronic devices and appliances, making it ideal for outdoor activities, camping, emergencies, and remote locations.


2. How does a portable solar power station work?

A portable solar power station utilizes solar panels to convert sunlight into electricity, which is stored in an onboard battery pack. The stored energy can then be used to power devices directly through built-in outlets or USB ports, or it can be converted into alternating current (AC) power using an integrated inverter for larger appliances.


3. What are the benefits of using a lifepo4 solar power station?

A lifepo4 solar power station offers several advantages over traditional lead-acid battery systems, including higher energy density, longer lifespan, faster charging times, and improved safety. Lifepo4 batteries are known for their stability, reliability, and ability to withstand a wide range of environmental conditions, making them ideal for solar energy storage applications.


4. How do I choose the right home power station for my needs?

When selecting a home solar power station, consider factors such as power output, battery capacity, number of outlets, charging options, and portability. Determine your energy requirements and intended use to ensure the power station can meet your needs effectively. Additionally, look for features such as built-in solar charging capability, surge protection, and user-friendly controls for added convenience.


5. Can I expand the capacity of my home power station?

Yes, many home power stations offer the option to expand their capacity by connecting additional battery packs or solar panels. This allows users to customize their system to meet changing energy demands or to scale up their solar power generation over time. Be sure to check the compatibility and specifications of the power station to ensure seamless integration of additional components.


6. Does your lifepo4 power station support customized design?

Sure. Helping customers with solar power station OEM/ODM R&D, design and production is one of our main businesses. We carry out appearance design and parameter customization for different traders around the world every year.

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