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Solar Generator
HES PROT all in one inverter included lithium battery,solar inverter,mppt solar controller,which save space and easy to install, make sure you have enough backup batteries where power is scarce,XINDUN provide you a reliable power supply.
all in one inverter and battery
all in one inverter and battery
all in one battery and inverter
all in one inverter battery
all in one battery and inverter
all in one inverter and battery
all in one inverter battery
all in one battery and inverter

HES PTO-T All In One Inverter and Battery

All in one inverter is pure sine wave output ,94% conversion efficiency,in built 51.2V 100AH standard rack battery support battery expansion,Photovoltaic input power up to 500VDC,MPPT tracking range 120v-450vdc,which maximize solar energy harvesting to ensure your off-grid quality of life.

  • Type : Single Phase All In One Inverter and Battery
  • Place of Origin : Foshan, Guangdong, China
  • Brand : XINDUN POWER
  • MOQ : 1 pcs
  • OEM : Yes

Xindun Power is seeking solar traders who needs all in one inverter and battery



all in one battery and inverter



all in one inverter battery



All In One Inverter Feature


1.All in one inverter including lithium battery,mppt charge controller and solar inverter , space saving and easy to use.

2.Flexible energy storage capacity, support solar power generation, diesel and gasoline engine power generation, grid power generation three kinds of power generation.

3.Optional remote monitors all in one inverter by RS485, WIFI, GPRS,ensure the equipment status.

4.Three working model setting:mains priority, PV priority, battery priority.

5.Supports overvoltage, overtemperature, overload, battery BMS reporting and comprehensive protection.

6.Output power factor 1.0 ensure solar inverter steady operation.



All In One Inverter Specification


Model HES PRO-T50248
Rated Power 5000W
Single/Parallel Single
Standard Battery Voltage 48VDC
Battery Type LiFePO4 battery 
Battery Capacity 51.2VDC 100AH (Can parallel batteries, standard rack mount,19inch/3U)
Max Charge/Discharge Current 100A
Charge/Discharge Cut-Off Voltage 44.8VDC/58.4VDC
AC Input
AC Input Voltage 220VAC/230VAC/240VAC  
AC Input Frequency 43Hz~53Hz(50Hz),53Hz~63Hz(60Hz)
AC Output
Output Wave Pure Sine Wave
 Conversion Efficiency(INV mode) 94%(peak value)
Output Voltage/Frequency (INV mode) 220VAC/230VAC/240VAC±2%/50Hz  ±1%,60Hz  ±1%
MPPT Solar Charge Controller
Max PV Input Voltage(Voc)                                  (At The Lowest Temperature) 500VDC 
PV Array Maximum Power 6000W
MPPT Tracking Voltage Range 120V~450VDC 
MAX PV Charging Current 100A
Protection Battery undervoltage protection/Battery overvoltage protection/Overload power protection/Inverter output short circuit protection/Temperature protection
Protection Degree IP20
Display LCD+LED
Cooling Method Cooling fan in intelligent control
Communication USB/RS232 communication , mobile APP (WIFI monitoring or GPRS monitoring) Optional
Working Mode Mains priority/PV priority/Battery priority
Operating Temperature -15 ℃ ~40 ℃
Relative Humidity 0%-95% (No condensation)
Product Size(L*W*Hmm) 525*180*900
Package Size(L*W*Hmm) 535*190*910



All In One Inverter Details


all in one inverter and battery display

all in one battery and inverter support OEM&ODM



All In One Inverter Wiring Diagram



all in one inverter and battery wiring diagram

all in one inverter and battery wiring diagram

All in one inverter wiring diagram exhibit the connections between the grid, generator, battery, solar panel input, and AC output, fit to a variety of applications, including homes, offices, and industry. If you encounter any installation difficulties, our experienced team is on standby to provide expert guidance.



Why Choose Us?


Free sample offer:Unlock a better grasp of Xindun Power's products with our complimentary sample service. When you commit to bulk orders, the sample costs are discounted from your overall expenses, offering you samples free of charge.


Solar inverter product wholesale:Xindun ensures your business's cost-effectiveness with abundant stock and competitive wholesale rates. Our experienced team, each with over a decade of inverter manufacturing expertise, ensures high productivity from four efficient production lines. Timely order fulfillment is guaranteed through our global network of overseas warehouses. As the original inverter manufacturer, Xindun Power offers highly competitive pricing, establishing the basis for a lasting partnership.


Solar inverter accppt OEM/ODM:At Xindun, we take pride in offering OEM/ODM services, including personalized logos, exterior designs, special voltage, and power configurations, with flexibility in RFQ minimum orders. With 15 utility model patents, 10 computer software patents, and 5 design patents, our comprehensive research and design capabilities are at your service. Furthermore, we hold various national professional inspection certifications, including CE, IEC, TUV, TLC, ISO, MCS, and more. We empower importers and traders to manufacture their own branded products, assisting them in creating distinctive items and gaining a competitive edge in the market.


Solar inverter solutions customization:At Xindun, our dedication lies in delivering tailored solar solutions for engineering projects. Our comprehensive service encompasses project design, configuration, and product manufacturing to installation, debugging, post-support, and investment return analysis. We empower you to shape your solar future while preserving your valuable time and resources.



About Xindun Power

all in one inverter and battery production process

all in one battery and inverter factory

Xindun power attend the expo with all in one inverter and battery

all in one inverter battery factory

all in one battery and inverter certificate





Q1: Are you a factory?

A1: Yes, we are one of the top 10 power supply manufacturers in China, with a production area exceeding 10,000 square meters. We specialize in producing inverters, solar charge controllers, solar generators, batteries and complete solar power system solutions. We collaborate with globally renowned brands, offering customized production and the option to include your logo on our products.


Q2: How much does an all in one inverter and battery cost?

A2: Please provide your specifications, such as power, voltage, battery capacity, charging current, quantity, and any other functional requirements. We will offer you the most favorable ex-factory price. As a leading all in one inverter battery factory, we engage in direct sales without intermediaries, ensuring competitive pricing.


Q3: What's the difference between a solar inverter and a solar generator?

A3: Both solar inverters and solar generators are widely used to convert photovoltaic solar energy into electrical energy, transforming DC (Direct Current) into AC (Alternating Current). A solar generator integrates a solar inverter, solar charge controller, and battery into a single kit. Generally, a solar generator has multiple outputs, including AC output sockets, DC 12V, and USB 5V. Compared to a solar inverter, a solar generator offers greater convenience.


Q4: How to solve technical problems with all in one inverter?

A4: We provide market and product training services and a 24-hour after-service consultancy specifically for you to easily resolve technical issues with your solar inverter and battery.


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