Portable Solar Panel Power Backup Generator for Home RV
Factory wholesale portable solar panel generator for home or RV use. Solar panel backup generator inbuilt inverter, solar controller, battery all in 1. Buy solar panel power generator online, we give you 4 LED bulbs.

ESS Portable Solar Panel Generator for Home 1500W-7000W 48V

Rated Power: 1500W/2000W/3000W/4000W/5000W/6000W/7000W, Input: DC48V, Ouput: AC110V/120V/220V/230V/240V, 2*AC Output Socket, 4*DC12V, 4*DC5V USB | Solar Panel Generator Combines Inverter, MPPT Solar Charge Controller, Can Built-in 4*200AH Battery

  • Type : Off Grid Solar Panel Generator
  • Place of Origin : Foshan, Guangdong, China
  • Brand : XINDUN POWER
  • MOQ : 1 pcs
  • OEM : Yes

All in one solar panel backup power generatorSolar panel generator - power your home 24h x 7days

■ Solar Panel Generator Feature

1. 3 times peak power, excellent loading capability.
2. Solar panel generator combines inverter/solar controller/battery all in one. 
3. Multiple output: 2*AC output socket, 4*DC 12V, 4*USB.
4. Working mode AC prior/ECO mode/Solar prior selectable.
5. AC charging current 0-30A selectable.
6. LVD/HVD/Charging voltage adjutable, suitable for kinds of battery
7. Adding fault code to monitor real-time work situations.
8. Continuous stable pure sine wave output with inbuilt AVR stabilizer.                                         
9. Digital LCD and LED for visualization of operation status of the equipment.
0. Solar panel generator inbuilt automatic AC charger and AC mains switcher, stwitch time ≤ 4ms.

■ Solar Panel Generator Specification

Model : ESS 152P8/W8 202P8/W8 302P8/W8 402P/W 502P/W 602P/W 702P/W
Capacity Rated power 1500W 2000W 3000W 4000W 5000W 6000W 7000W
Peak power(20ms) 4500VA 6000VA 9000VA 12KVA 15KVA 18KVA 21KVA
Input Stardard battery voltage 48VDC
AC input voltage range
85VAC~138VAC (110VAC) / 95VAC~148VAC (120VAC) / 170VAC~275VAC (220VAC)/
180VAC~285VAC (230VAC)/ 190VAC~295VAC (240VAC)
AC input frequency range 45Hz~55Hz(50Hz);55Hz~65Hz(60Hz)
Output Conversion efficiency ≥85%(Battery mode); >99%(AC mode)
AC Output voltage
110VAC±2% / 120VAC±2% / 220VAC±2% / 230VAC±2%/ 240VAC±2%(Battery mode);    
110VAC±10% / 120VAC±10% / 220VAC±10% / 230VAC±10% / 240VAC±10%(AC mode)
AC Output frequency 50/60Hz±1%(Battery mode); Tracking Automatically(AC mode)
AC Output waveform Pure Sine Wave
THD ≤3%(Linear load)
DC Output voltage 4*DC 12V; 4*USB(5V)
AC charger AC charging current 0~30A(Depends on model)
AC charging method Three-stage(constant current, constant voltage, floating charge)
solar charger  (Optional) Charging mode PWM/MPPT
Max PV input voltage(Voc)                        
(At the lowest temperature)
PWM: 100V; MPPT: 150V
PV input voltage range PWM: 60V-88V;   MPPT: 60V-120V
Charge & discharge current 60A
Max PV input power 3360W
Inbuilt battery Capacity 4*200AH
Battery size(LxWxH)/pcs 522*240*218(244)
Other Transfer time ≤4ms
Protection with over-voltage, low-voltage, overload, short circuit, high tempreature protections
Display LCD & LED
Cooling way Cooling fan in intelligent control
Communication(Optional) RS485/APP(WIFI monitoring or GPRS monitoring)
Working mode
d1 AC priority mode
d2 ECO mode
d3 Solar priority mode
Operating temperature -10℃~40℃
Storage temperature -15℃~60℃
Elevation 2000m(More than derating)
Humidity 0%~95% ,No condensation
Physical Dimention L x W x H(mm) 610*535*960
Net weight(kg)(without battery) 53 55 59 60.5 62 64 66
Packing Dimention  L x W x H(mm) 688*612*1093
Gross weight(kg)(without battery) 88 90 94 95.5 97 99 101
Quantity/CTN 1pcs per wooden case
Note: All specifications are subject to charge without prior notice

ESS series solar panel generator power range is from 300w to 7000w, for more specification, pls refer to this page (CLICK).

■ Solar Panel Generator Details

solar panel backup generator picturehow to use solar panel backup generatorsolar panel backup generator maintenancesolar panel backup generator with battery storage energysolar panel backup generator with MPPT charge controller

■ Solar Panel Generator Wiring Diagram

solar panel power generator wiring diagram

solar panel power generator wiring diagram

Contact XINDUN for more high-definition wiring diagram or 48V/1500W/2000W/3000W/4000W/6000W/7000W solar panel generator wiring diagram.

■ Solar Panel Generator Application

solar panel generator for rv home

solar panel generator for home rv

■ Solar Panel Generator Package and Delivery

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■ Why Choose Us?

why choose xindun - solar panel power generator manufacturer

■ About Xindun Power

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about xindun - solar panel power generator manufacturer introduction

■ Solar Panel Generator Factory

Xindun solar panel power generator factory

■ Qualifications and Certificates

Xindun qualifications and certificates

■ Global Solar Exhibitions

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Q1: Are you a factory?

A: Yes, we are the top 10 power supply manufacturers in China, with over 7000 square meters production area. We focus on inverters, solar charge controllers, solar generators and solar power system solution. We cooperate with some famous brands all over the world, can provide customized production or add your logo on products.

Q2: How much does solar panel generator cost?
A: Tell me your requirements, such as power, voltage, battery capacity, charging current, quantity, and whether there are other functional requirements. We will give you the most favorable ex factory price. Solar panel backup generator factory direct sales, no middlemen earn price difference.

Q3: What's the difference between solar inverter and solar generator?
A: Both solar inverter and solar generator are widely used in PV solar energy into electric energy, and design to convert DC (Direct Current) into AC (Alternating Current). Solar generator combines solar inverter/solar charge controller/battery all in one kit. Generally solar generator has multiple output: AC output socket and DC 12V, USB 5V. Compared with solar inverter, solar generator is more convenient to use.

Q4: How to solve the solar panel generator technical problem?
A: We will provide market and product training services, 24 hours after-service consultancy just for you and to make your problem to solveeasily.

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