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Both regular inverters and hybrid inverters have one or more batteries to store energy from solar system or the grid when power is available. The hybrid inverter adds a photovoltaic controller circuit board inside the inverter. A hybrid inverter is e

The difference between inverter and hybrid inverter

  • Xindun
  • July 31, 2020

The inverter basically has one or more batteries to store energy from solar power or the grid when power is available. When the solar energy is insufficient or the power grid is cut off, it will switch the energy stored in the battery to electrical energy for use by the AC load.

Regular inverter can be used only by connecting batteries, and inverters with complementary charging functions can be used as UPS power supplies. It can also be used in solar power generation systems, but an additional photovoltaic controller with suitable capacity is required between the photovoltaic module and the battery.


△ inverter diagram

Hybrid inverter is an upgraded version of the inverter. Hybrid inverter has the functions of an inverter and a photovoltaic controller. It is generally used in solar power generation systems and only needs to be connected to photovoltaic modules and batteries, reducing the packaging and transportation costs of external photovoltaic controllers. And it is convenient to install and save space, but it also increases the difficulty of maintenance.

hybrid inverter

△ hybrid inverter diagram

Should the user choose regular inverter or hybrid inverter? Depending on the user\'s preferences or needs, both have their own advantages.

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