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XinDun Power offer many choices of inverter types for home on the market,both off-grid inverters and on/off grid inverters.Please no hesitate to contact our online staff for more details.

How many types of inverter for home?

  • Xindun
  • December 29, 2022

There are different types of home inverters currently on the market according to different standards:
1.Classification by on-grid and off-grid:off-grid inverter,on-grid inverter and on/off grid inverter.
2.Classification by the phase:Single phase inverter,three phase inverter.
3.Classification by the output wave form:Pure sine wave,Modify pure sine wave & square wave.
4.Classification by the working mode:low frequency inverter and high frequency inverter.


Generally speaking,in the selection of inverter types for home,most of our families use single-phase off-grid inverters to assemble solar energy systems to generate electricity. Because when the power environment is unstable,we usually use solar power generation as backup power. If all single-phase loads are used at home,single-phase inverters will be used; if three-phase loads are used at home, three-phase inverters should be used to generate electricity.


Xindun home inverter types

Of course,among so many home inverter types,on/off grid inverter is also used at home.but this on/off-grid solar power system installation needs to be based on the local access policy. The policies vary from place to place,Please consult and refer to actual local policies.The system uses PV energy as priority,when the energy of PV is not enough,it can be supplemented by city power or batteries.When the PV energy is surplus,the battery is stored or accessed on the grid to maximize the utilization of PV power generation.So as to achieve the purpose of self-use and extra power consumption.

XinDun Power offer many choices of home inverter types on the market,both off-grid inverter and on/off grid inverters alternatives for your select.Please no hesitate to contact our online staff for more details.