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Which inverter and battery combo is best?

  • Xindun
  • December 16, 2022

Power inverters need working with a matched battery group.So what kind of inverter battery combo is the best?
First,understand your Power Requirement.
One of the most important factor that you must know before buying an inverter is your “Power requirement”.In simple words- what all electrical appliances (like fan, tube lights, television, CFL etc.) you want to run at the time of power failure. The power requirement is addition of the power consumed by various electrical equipment.
Second,find the VA rating of the inverter you need.
It stands for the Volt ampere rating. It is the voltage and current supplied by the inverter to the equipment. If an inverter operates with 100% efficiency, then the power requirement of the electrical items and power supplied by inverter is same. But we all know that 100% or ideal conditions don’t exist in real.Most inverters have the efficiency range from 70 % to 85%.This efficiency is also called power factor of an inverter and is simply the ratio of power required by the appliances to power supplied by an inverter. 


Xindun inverter battery combo

And then,Know the battery required by the inverter to match the best inverter and battery combo.
Battery is the backbone of an inverter system.The performance and life of an inverter largely depend upon the battery quality.The next big question is “how much back up will an inverter provide?” or for “how many hours it can run all of your equipment?”. This is what is called the battery capacity.It is the battery capacity that decides the back up hours.It is expressed in Ah (Ampere Hours).

Batteries are readily available with capacity of 100 Ah,150 Ah,180 Ah the market.So how to decide which one do you need? To find this out,lets do a reverse calculation.Consider that you need an inverter battery combo that provides back up for 3 hours.
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