​Since distributed pv system converts solar energy into electricity through solar panels, it is essential for solar radiation, and the roof facing south is the best place to install distributed pv system.

Be sure to see it! 20 precautions for distributed pv system installation(2)

  • Xindun
  • November 27, 2020

Since distributed pv system converts solar energy into electricity through solar panels, it is essential for solar radiation, and the roof facing south is the best place to install distributed pv system.

11. After installation, will the photovoltaic power generation system work if there is continuous rain or haze? Will there be a power shortage or a power outage?

Photovoltaic power station under the weak light of certain also can generate electricity, but due to the continuous rain fog or haze weather, the sun radiation intensity of illumination is low, the working voltage of photovoltaic system if not up to the start voltage of the inverter, the system will not work, grid generation system and the distribution network is parallel operation, when the pv system cannot meet the demand of load without work, the grid electricity will be automatically added to come over, there is no lack of electricity and power outages.

12. Will distributed photovoltaic access affect the power quality?

Electricity power system of power quality is the quality of the system the main ac/dc conversion parts of the inverter, inverter power quality tester after the test qualified to put into production use, so will not affect the power quality.

13. Can the electricity generated by the day distributed photovoltaic power generation system be stored for night lighting?

Want to distributed generation system, by the electricity stored during the day as night lighting, it can add Xindun photovoltaic power treasure, daytime controller will photovoltaic (pv) power is stored in a power outage of treasure, when need electricity/mains power failure at night, when the mains power outages, photovoltaic (pv) power can be used as a family treasure emergency power, also can be used as a photovoltaic inverter startup power source, to drive the entire photovoltaic power generation system.

14. Does it need to be wired separately to install the photovoltaic power generation system on the existing buildings? How do you connect to an existing electrical system in your home?

Photovoltaic system circuit was divided into dc part and ac part, line is the need to separate the two parts of wiring, communication part to connect with power grid, and outlets located in the user side meters position, finally connected to existing user home electrical system.

15. what information does the design engineer need to provide when designing the system according to customer requirements?

When the system is designed, the information required by the customer is divided into options and strong options. The necessary options include the location of the project, the surrounding environment, the building years, the roof type, the roof load, the access voltage level, and the roof photos. The optional parts include the average monthly electricity consumption, the roof board structure, and the CA D drawings, roof surface conditions, electric meter box photos, etc., of course, the more detailed the optional part is, the more reasonable it will help to optimize the design and improve the power generation.

Be sure to see it! 20 precautions for distributed pv system installation(2)

16. Where will the system be inspected after it is built? What should be paid attention to in the acceptance?

Mainly by the power grid enterprise organize acceptance, focus on the construction of grid electric properties, engineering quality, component certification, certification of inverter and technical parameters, lightningproof grounding, fire safety, component fire certification, etc.

17. How does the installation process proceed?

Installation process of distributed photovoltaic (pv) grid power generation system is: the construction of the foundation and support of installation, the installation of the components, junction box, inverter, power distribution cabinet and other electrical equipment installation, connection line installation, grid access system and the installation of the metering device.

18. What is a two-way meter? Why do I need a bidirectional meter?

Two-way measuring watt-hour meter is able to measure electricity watt-hour meter and power generation, power and electricity are direction, from the perspective of electricity, power consumption is counted as power or directly power, power is negative or negative electricity power, the instrument can be read forward power and reverse capacity respectively and will power data stored.

The reason for the installation of bi-directional electric meters is due to the fact that the photovoltaic power is not completely consumed by the user, and the remaining power needs to be transported to the grid. The meter needs to measure a number. When the photovoltaic power can not meet the user\'s needs, it needs to measure another number. The ordinary single meter can not meet this requirement. Therefore, smart meters with bidirectional metering functions are needed.

19. How to apply for the installation of a photovoltaic power station?

Apply to the nearest power supply business hall. The user can go to the business hall to handle the materials such as id card, residence certificate and property certificate. After the user submits the application, the local power supply enterprise will arrange the site investigation, and then install it. After the installation is completed, the power supply enterprise will check it. After the examination and approval, the power supply enterprise will send people to install the metering device (smart meter), sign the network contract and carry out the grid debugging. It can be finished in about a month. The electricity that the user sends can choose to surf on the net entirely, also can choose to use spontaneously oneself, surplus electricity is surfed.

20. How does the distributed photovoltaic power generation subsidy fund be distributed to the owner?

As one of the benefits of installing distributed photovoltaic, how to distribute the subsidy has always been one of the most important concerns of the owners. At present, distributed photovoltaic generally adopts the mode of self-use, residual electricity Internet access. Of surplus photovoltaic power generation systems, photovoltaic power by power grid enterprise online is responsible for measuring, statistics, by the national power photovoltaic system capacity can be fixed subsidies, according to the measurement data of pv power grid enterprises in accordance with the degree of electricity subsidy standards prescribed by the state according to the settlement cycle forwarding state subsidies. Therefore, the owner only needs to sit regularly and wait for the power generation subsidy to enter your original reserved bank card.

Be sure to see it! 20 precautions for distributed pv system installation(2)