Pure Sine Wave Inverter
Xindun Power three phase inverter pure sine wave output, 100% imbalance load design, AC charging batteries function, dc 48v convert to ac 380v or ac 380v to ac 220v.

HDSX 3 Phase Pure Sine Wave Inverter 4KVA-8KVA 48V-192V

  • Type : DC to AC Off-Grid Inverter
  • Place of Origin : Foshan, Guangdong, China
  • Brand : XINDUN POWER
  • MOQ : 1 pcs
  • OEM : Yes




pure sine wave inverter HDSX






  • Pure sine wave output.
  • Built-in PWM or MPPT charge controller.
  • Low DC voltage, saving system cost.
  • AC charge current 0-45A adjustable. Wide LCD screen, clearly and precisely shows icon data.
  • 100% imbalance loading design, 3 times peak power.
  • Setting different working modes based on variable usage requirements.
  • DC first/AC first optional.
  • Various communication ports and remote controls(RS232/RS485/APP/SNMP/GSM optional).


Quick Details



Place of Origin:




Brand Name:




Model Number:


inverter power


Rated power:




Output Type:


3 phases














Input Voltage:




Output Voltage:






DC/AC Inverters


Output Frequency:


50/60HZ ±1%


AC charging current:






1 Year


Output waveform:


Pure Sine Wave




off grid inverter











every field









Why Choose Us?


1. We are a professional manufacturer of power inverter and controller with

over 10 years experience.Best production capability, best quality control,

best service.

2. 100% QC inspection and testing before shipment.

3. CE listed, competitive price.

4. 11 years of high-level OEM experience

5. 16,000 square meters factory size (Sq.meters)

6. 200,000pcs monthly capacity

7. Export percentage: 80%

8. Hi-tech advanced R&D team.



How does it work?

1. Home backup system:


When AC grid power is available, inverter charges battery, at the same time, AC grid power bypass through inverter to household appliances, such as refrigerator, TV. When AC grid power is off, it will automatic transfer switch to battery power and convert DC to AC power.



2. Wind or Solar Power system:


Convert DC to AC power. When battery power is lacking, it will automatic transfer to grid power for powering continuously.



Q1: Are you a factory?
A: Yes, we are the top 10 power supply manufacturers in China, with over 7000 square meters production area. We focus on inverters, solar charge controllers, solar generators and solar power system solution. We cooperate with some famous brands all over the world, can provide customized production or add your logo on products.

Q2: What is the price of 3 phase sine wave inverter?
A: Tell me your requirements, such as power, voltage, charging current, quantity, and whether there are other functional requirements. We will give you the most favorable ex factory price. 3 phase sine wave inverter factory direct sales, no middlemen earn price difference.

Q3: What type of inverters do you produce?
A: We produce various types of inverters: pure sine wave inverters, off-grid inverters, on/off grid inverters, solar hybrid inverters, single phase inverters, 3 phase inverters, low frequency inverters, high frequency inverters, etc. Don’t know which type of inverter to choose? Contact XINDUN now!

Q4: What\'s the difference between pure sine wave inverter and modified sine wave inverter?
A: Pure sine wave output inverter is just as good as the public power grid, even better. Low repaired rate, long lifespan, without harmonic pollution, enviromental-friendly and appliances protected.
Modified sine wave output inverter has a negative impact on appliances and can\'t load inductive load, such as air contition, refrigerator and etc. Certain motor control circuits don\'t like the modified wave.

Q5: How to solve the 3 phase sine wave inverter technical problem?
A: We will provide market and product training services, 24 hours after-service consultancy just for you and to make your problem to solveeasily.

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