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The stand alone solar power system can be applied during the day and night, can solve the problem of power shortage, and it also saves electricity bills. Can solve the local electricity problem well in Malaysia

Xindun 50KW ON OFF Grid Solar System 3 phase in Philippines

  • Xindun
  • December 21, 2021

Mr Henschel runs a villa tourist attraction in Philippines. He wants to learn about on off grid solar system through Xindun Power.

Installation of on off grid solar system in villa tourist attractions has the following advantages:

1. Solar system is a green, environmentally friendly and low-carbon project. It is more attractive to install solar system in villa tourist attractions.

2. Solar system can save electricity bills.

3. Install an off grid solar system to store the excess power in the storage batteries which can be used as a backup emergency power supply during the peak period of power consumption or when the power grid is suddenly cut off.

4. Install an on grid solar system, when solar energy is not available, the power grid can charge the batteries through the inverter, and can also supply power to the electrical equipment through the inverter\'s regulated output. It is very practical.

on off grid solar system philippines

50kw on off grid solar system 3 phase

Mr Henschel choosed 50KW on off grid solar system 3 phase from Xindun Power. The following configuration can be used as reference for other users:

Project: 50KW on off grid solar system 3 phase in Philippines.

Daily Generating Capacity: 149760Wh.

384V/100A MPPT Solar Controller * 1pcs.

HDSX 384V/50KW 3 Phase Inverter *1 pcs.

12V/200Ah Lead Acid Battery * 64pcs.

2 IN 1 OUT PV combiner box * 2pcs.

Aluminum bracket *8 pcs.

Cables and Accessories.

Solar system 3 phase can be used to carry 1 phase loads and 3 phase loads, and is suitable for high power electrical appliances.

Xindun will formulate a special on off grid solar system one-stop solution according to the installation environment of each project and the actual needs of users. If you need, please feel free to inquire.
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