Composition: Solar panel, Solar charge controller, Battery and inverter Classification: Off-grid solar power system

30KW Off Grid Photovoltaic System Case

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  • Xindun
  • December 23, 2020

The off grid inverter is less used. Its working principle is to convert the solar direct current into alternating current, on the one hand to supply the load for use, on the other hand to store the energy in the equipment, so as to form an independent off grid photovoltaic power supply system.

Off grid photovoltaic system is mainly used in some remote areas or places with self generating and self using power demand, such as villas in cities. Off grid system emphasizes "self use". The inverter selected in this project is Xindun NB 30kw off grid hybrid inverter. The inverter and controller are in the same machine, which not only has convenient installation and wiring, but also saves space.


After a period of operation, the off grid photovoltaic system can meet the demand of self generation and self consumption. The system operates stably, economically, environmentally friendly and noiseless, and is highly recognized by customers.