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What equipment needed for solar energy system in Egypt? Now let’s take 25kw solar system as an example. This is also a real solar system project in Egypt.

Why Malaysia Customers Choose Xindun Stand Alone Solar Power System?

  • Xindun
  • December 29, 2021

Project: 12KW Stand Alone Solar Power System for Wastewater treatment plants

Location: Malaysia

Daily Generating Capacity: 27360Wh

390W Monocrystalline Solar Panels * 12pcs

96V/50A MPPT Solar Controller * 1pcs

WD 96V/12KW Solar Inverter *1 pcs

12V/200Ah Lead Acid Battery * 8pcs

3 IN 1 OUT PV combiner box * 1pcs

Aluminum bracket *1 set

Cables and Accessories

Why Malaysia Customers Choose Xindun Stand Alone Solar Power System

Malaysia standalone power systems

Why use stand alone solar power system?

Stand alone solar power system also known as off grid solar power system, which can be installed in areas where there is no power grid or where the power grid is unstable. The stand alone solar power system is mainly composed of solar panels, combiner boxes, solar charge controllers, battery packs, and off-grid inverters. There are 2 working modes of solar power system:

1. When there is no power grid, the solar panel converts solar energy into electric energy and stores it in the battery packs, and the inverter converts the direct current in the battery packs into alternating current for the use of AC appliances in daily life.

2. When there is a power grid, solar energy and power grid charge the battery packs at the same time (note that the battery packs need to be charged by the inverter). The stored electric energy can be used at night.

The stand alone solar power system can be applied during the day and night, can solve the problem of power shortage, and it also saves electricity bills. Can solve the local electricity problem well in Malaysia.

But why Malaysia customers choose Xindun stand alone solar power system?

Xindun Power has good reputation, good quality, professional, rich experience and good service on standalone power systems. If you cooperate with us, you will get: worry-free, rest assured. Want to try? Send us an inquiry through the inquiry box below.

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