Composition: Solar panel, Solar charge controller, Battery and photovoltaic inverter Classification: Off-grid solar power system

Photovoltaic Solar Power Generation System For Family

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  • Xindun
  • December 23, 2020

To install a system that can generate electricity is very simple, there are five main things:

1. Solar panels; 2. Mounting system; 3. Cables; 4. Photovoltaic inverter; 5. Meter.

About photovoltaic inverter: the electricity generated by solar panel is direct current, which can not be directly used by household appliances. Only when the inverter is converted into alternating current can household appliances be used. The maximum input of the household system is generally about 1-6kw, the system design and installation are very simple, and the inverter can select 1-6kw machines according to the installed capacity.


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