Best 5v 12v pwm solar charge controller, mini pwm charging
Xindun hot-sale best pwm solar charge controller. 5v usb, 12v/24v 30a/40a pwm charging. Mini solar charge controller is suitable for small solar power system.

PWM Solar Charge Controller 30A/40A/50/60A 5V 12V/24V/48V

30A/40A/50A/60A 12V/24V/48V PWM Solar Charge Controller | 5V USB Output | 12V/24V Auto Adaptation

  • Place of Origin : Foshan, Guangdong, China
  • Brand : XINDUN POWER
  • MOQ : 1 pcs

■ PWM Solar Charge Controller Feature

1 Automatic Identification System Voltage, 12V 24V auto recognition.
2 Humanized LCD displaying and double button operation of man-machine interface.
3 Completed technical data for setup and modify.
4 High eficiency itelligent PWM 3stage charging.
5 The load control mode can be selected, the timer function can be reset for street light at night.
6 Reliable over voltage protection, short circuit protection, over load protection, overcharge protection, over discharge protection.
7 Accurate temperature compensation, corrected charging and discharging voltage automatically, improving the battery lifetime.
8 Roundly revers econnecte dprotection.
9 Solar Panels, Battery, Solar Charge Controller positive poles are all connected together, adopting negative MOSFET in series control circuit.

■ PWM Solar Charge Controller Specification

mini pwm solar charge controller specification

■ PWM Solar Charge Controller Image

mini pwm solar charge controller image

■ How Does PWM Solar Charge Controller Work?

how does mini pwm solar charge controller work?

■ Why Choose Us?

why choose xindun - mini pwm solar charge controller manufacturer

■ About Xindun Power

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about xindun - mini pwm solar charge controller manufacturer introduction

■ PWM Solar Charge Controller Manufacturer

Xindun mini pwm solar charge controller manufacturer

■ Qualifications and Certificates

Xindun qualifications and certificates

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Q1: Are you a factory?
A: Yes, we are the top 10 power supply manufacturers in China, with over 7000 square meters production area. We focus on inverters, solar charge controllers, solar generators and solar power system solution. We cooperate with some famous brands all over the world, can provide customized production or add your logo on products.

Q2: What is the function of solar charge controller?
A: Solar charge controller is the core control part of solar energy system. It is an automatic control equipment that controls the multi-channel solar panels to charge the batteries and the batteries to supply power to the load by solar inverter.

Q3: How much is mini small solar charge controller?
A: Tell me your requirements, such as controller types mppt or pwm, voltage, charging current, quantity, and whether there are other functional requirements. We will give you the most favorable ex factory price. Solar charge controller factory direct sales, no middlemen earn price difference.

Q4: MPPT or PWM, Which solar charge controller is better?
A: There are two main types of solar charge controllers on the market: MPPT and PWM. MPPT solar charge controller is suitable for solar energy system greater than 2kW. Because of its powerful function, it can save you whole set solar system costs by reducing other costs. PWM solar charge controller is suitable for small-scale solar energy system which does not need many functions and has a small budget, PWM is very cost-effective. Don't know how to choose PWM or MPPT, contact XINDUN.

Q5: How to solve the solar charge controller technical problem?
A: We will provide market and product training services, 24 hours after-service consultancy just for you and to make your problem to solveeasily.

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