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Using 10kw 3 phase off grid solar system to supply power to factory, you can get 3 phase 380V output voltage, stable voltage and UPS backup power supply function.

15KW Solar Power System with Battery Backup for Village Use

  • Xindun
  • December 23, 2021
In some remote mountain villages in China, villagers still suffer from power shortages or blackouts. To solve the power supply problem, would you choose a generator or a solar power system with battery backup?

First, let\'s talk about solar power system:
1. The main feature of solar power system is green and environmental protection. All energy comes from solar energy, it is mobile power sourse, and continuous and reliable power supply.
2. The solar battery backup with reasonable configuration, high power and high efficiency, energy storage battery can realize continuous uninterrupted power supply.
Solar power system is fully automatic and intelligent. The solar panel has a design life of 25 years. The equipment is purchased at one time, and there is no need to purchase fuel and other energy sources, and electricity can be used for a long time at no cost.
3. Scope of application: This product is an independent solar power system, which can be widely used in international and domestic non-electricity, frequent power outages or special mobile power special
Solar power system is a must-have product in the environment. An independent solar power system with battery backup is necessary for long-term applications and emergency.

Then, let’s talk about generators:
1. One-time investment and long-term use.
2. Every time you generate electricity, you need to buy gasoline or diesel oil, but the price of oil is relatively high.
3. During use generators, the longer the time from design to use, the higher the repair cost.
4. Unsafe noise and serious pollution.
5. The voltage is unstable.

In contrast, the solar power system with battery backup for village is noiseless, environmentally friendly and safe. Share a real case of a 15kw solar power system project from Xindun.

village solar power system

solar system for village

15kw solar power system - 15kw solar system with battery backup

Project: 15KW Solar System with Battery Backup for Village Use
Location: China
Daily Solar Generating Capacity: 56160Wh

Solar Panel: Polycrystalline solar panels 390W * 24pcs

Solar Controller: 192V/50A MPPT * 1pcs

Solar Inverter: 192V/15KW * 1pcs
Gel Battery: 12V/200Ah * 16pcs
PV combiner box: 500VDC 3 In 1 Out * 1pcs
Aluminum bracket * 2pcs
Cables and Accessories

Xindun can customize one-stop solar power system solutions for village. If necessary, please come to consult
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