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Off grid solar panel system is a necessity in some areas with no electricity. Today Xindun uses a real case to explain to everyone how to install a 24kw solar system in Thailand.

What Equipment Needed for 25KW Solar Energy System in Egypt?

  • Xindun
  • December 23, 2021

Egypt, a desert country in North Africa, is arid and rainless throughout the year, with direct solar radiation reaching 2,000 to 3,000kWh/m² each year. On the other hand, Egypt currently accounts for less than 1% of solar energy and wind energy. Egypt has unique natural conditions and unlimited potential for solar energy system development.

equipment needed for solar energy

So what equipment needed for solar energy system in Egypt? Now let’s take 25kw solar system as an example. This is also a real solar energy installation project by Xindun in Egypt.

Solar Panels:
Function: Absorb solar energy and convert solar energy into electricity.
Specification: 54pcs polycrystalline solar panels 330w

25kw solar system Egypt

Solar Charge Controller:
Function: Control the solar panels to charge the batteries and the batteries to supply power to the solar inverter load.
Specification: 1pcs mppt solar charge controller 240VDC 100A

Solar Inverter:
Function: Convert the DC power in the solar panels and the storage batteries into the AC power commonly used in daily loads.
Specification: 1pcs solar inverter 240VDC 25KW

25kw solar system: solar controller - solar inverter- battery

Function: Store energy for use at night.
Specification: 40pcs lead acid batteries 12V 200Ah

Battery Collecting Box:
Function: Not only makes the batteries collection and sorting more neat, but also plays a protective role
Specification: 2pcs 200AH*20

Combiner Box:
Function: Converge solar current to ensure orderly connection and confluence function of solar panels
Specification: 2pcs combiner box 3 in 1 out

25kw solar system combiner box

Solar Bracket:
Function: Protect solar panels to withstand 30 years of damage such as sunlight, corrosion, and strong wind
Specification: 5pcs Aluminum solar bracket

Cables and Parts:
Specification: 4mm² PV cable 200m, 10mm² PV cable 200m; 24pcs 25mm² Battery cable (connection between batteries); 41pcs 25mm² 10m Battery cable (connection "combiner box to solar charge controller" and "solar charge controller to batteries"); Terminals and 48 pairs MC4 plug.

The above are the main equipments needed for a complete 25kw solar energy system. If you are not sure how to configure the solar system solution for your project, please contact Xindun Power, we professionally do this.
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