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Are you looking for a complete off grid solar system kit? China Xindun's complete off grid solar kits have been exported to more than 100 countries and regions, providing continuous power supply for all walks of life.

Complete Off Grid Solar System Kits For Sri Lanka

  • Xindun
  • July 10, 2023

complete off grid solar kits in Sri Lanka


▲Off grid solar system kit in Sri Lanka-Xindun Power


I’m Jeya, the purchase manager from JC Group in Sri Lanka. I bought a complete three phase off grid solar system kit of 20KW from Xindun Power last December. And I’m happy to work with Saeed very much.

I'm tired of the electricity shortage around Sri Lanka, so I want to find a professional off grid solar kits manufacturer on Google, and I found on Google that Chinese off grid solar system kit manufacturers occupy most of the market share. I found a reliable affordable complete off grid solar kit manufacturer that most importantly fit my power needs perfectly. This manufacturer is Xindun Power, which ranks among the top ten in China.


Xindun is a leading Chinese manufacturer of off grid solar kits, off grid solar system kits and complete off grid solar kits. Their dedication to innovation and quality has earned them a reputation.

I learned from Saeed, the sales representative of Xindun, that Xindun has a history of 17 years of development, and their complete off grid solar kit business has expanded to more than 100 countries and regions around the world. Overseas warehouses of 9 branches: Nigeria, Senegal, Kenya, South Africa, Tanzania, Dubai, Pakistan, Philippines and Indonesia.

No wonder my off grid solar system kit can reach my country so fast and safely.


In particular, I was particularly impressed with the level of service provided by Xindun Sales Representative Saeed. He guided me quickly through the complete off grid solar kits buying process and provided me with all the necessary information about the off grid solar kits.


After clarifying Saeed's needs, I shared with Xindun a list of all the loads that our company needs to carry, including the power of each load, the quantity of each load, and the time it needs to run every day, and then I got from Saeed Professional off grid solar system kit solutions and pricing. On the list I get detailed off grid solar system kit information: quantity and parameter configuration of inverters, controllers, solar panels as well as batteries, cables and other spare parts. Even more exciting, he drew a diagram showing how the above system accessories can be grouped. Finally, Xindun's engineers configured a 20KW three phase complete off grid solar kits according to the actual power consumption of our company. After checking with Saeed about the warranty and after sales service, I paid the deposit. After he got the complete off grid solar system kit ready and shared all the pictures of the system, I paid the balance. And he did a good job of creating the customs clearance documents for me, so our goods can be delivered safely and quickly.


Now I got the complete off grid solar kits fitting and installed it with the help of an electrician under Saeed's direction and all the solar kits are working fine.

I thank Saeed and his team for all their hard work.

▼complete off grid solar kits in Sri Lanka


three phase off grid solar system kit in Sri Lanka


three phase off grid solar system kit in Sri Lanka


Since installing the off grid solar system kit, our company has never been troubled by power outages, because in the event of a power outage, our company's power supply can be immediately switched to the system's battery supply, without any time being cut off, None of the electrical appliances were suddenly turned off resulting in loss of working data. And the power generated by the off grid solar kits exceeded my expectations, and it can provide uninterrupted power supply to our company to maintain normal operation.


All in all, I highly recommend Xindun to anyone interested in purchasing an off grid solar kits, off grid solar system kits, or complete off grid solar kits. Their innovative and high-quality products, coupled with friendly customer service, will undoubtedly make them an ideal choice for anyone looking for a complete solar system.

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