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China factory wholesales different types of batteries: lithium ion battery, lead acid battery, gel battery, etc. Each types of battery has its own advantages and characteristics. Contact Zamdon for lithium ion battery types and lead acid battery types. Get how to configure batteries in solar power system and preferential prices.

There are two most common battery types used in solar power systems: lead acid battery and lithium ion battery.


Characteristics of lithium-ion batteries:
1. High energy density: Lithium-ion batteries have higher energy density than other battery types, making them suitable for systems that require high performance and lightweight design.
2. Long life: Lithium-ion batteries typically have a long cycle life, capable of thousands of charge and discharge cycles.


Characteristics of lead-acid batteries:
1. Lower cost: Lead-acid batteries are relatively cheap and suitable for cost-sensitive projects.
2. Mature technology: Lead-acid battery technology has developed over time and is a mature and reliable energy storage solution.
3. Good impact resistance: For some special environments, lead-acid batteries usually have good impact resistance.


Different types of batteries produced by Xindun, all have the same good quality. Take advantage of reasonable pricing by acquiring solar batteries directly from the factory, steering clear of superfluous markups.

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