How to identify the the proper inverter for a 3 phase motor?We will advise you in four ways. Let's take a look with Xindun power now.

How to identify the proper inverter for a 3 phase motor?

  • Xindun
  • December 28, 2021

How to identify the proper inverter for a 3 phase motor. 3 phase motor is widely used in industry,it needs 3 phase electricity power to drive. So if you use 3 phase motors in the solar system, you will also need a 3 phase inverter for 3 phase motor.

Many people will wonder How to identify the proper inverter for a 3 phase motor ,here we will give you some advises.

the proper inverter for a 3 phase motor

1.Since the motor is an impact load, we suggest using an inverter with pure sine wave output to better protect the load.
2.As we know,there are two kinds of inverter-low frequency and high frequency,which is better for the 3 phase motor? We suggest you using the low frequency inverter . Because the impact resistance and stability for the low frequency inverter is better than the high frequency inverter.
3.The start power for the motor is around 7-9 times of its rated power,so when choosing the rated power for the 3 phase inverter for it,you need to choose the one with high peak power.The peak power for our HDSX 3 phase inverter is 3 times of the rated power,it would be your good choice.
4.When using the 3 phase system, you may also have some electrical appliances in single phase, so the inverter need to have 100% imbalance loading design.

The advantages of our HDSX 3 phase inverter: pure sine wave output,low frequency,3 times peak power,100% imbalance loading design and ect. The HDSX 3 phase inverter from Xindun Power would be your best choice for your 3 phase motor.

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