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How to choose the world's top inverter manufacturers?Xindun power,as one of the top photovoltaic inverter manufacturers in china,will help you become the world's top photovoltaic inverter seller.

Looking for top photovoltaic inverter manufacturers?

  • Xindun
  • April 10, 2023

How to choose the world's top inverter manufacturers?

The earth's resources are getting less and less, and the pollution to the environment is getting more and more serious. Looking for green and efficient energy alternatives has always been the goal that people are looking for. Photovoltaic inverter manufacturers undertake the mission to achieve this goal for people. So the next question is how to find the reliable top inverter manufacturers?


With the expansion of the market, Chinese photovoltaic inverter manufacturers have become the key to the global new energy market. With the rapid expansion of Chinese photovoltaic inverter manufacturers in the global new energy market, China's photovoltaic inverter exports in 2022 increased by nearly 68% compared with 2021.


As the world's largest top inverter manufacturers and solar power producer, China has added 87.41 GW of solar power generation in 2022, with a total installed capacity of 392.61 GW. It is expected that China will increase its solar power generation capacity by 95 to 120 GW in 2023, with an increase of up to 30%, which will be a record annual growth capacity.


The focus of the global new energy industry is further shifting to China. Chinese photovoltaic inverter manufacturers have become active participants and important contributors to the global response to climate change, and they have become the world's top inverter manufacturers.


China photovoltaic inverter manufacturers


Chinese top inverter manufacturers play a leading role in the global solar energy supply chain, accounting for at least 80% of the total manufacturing capacity of PV module production.
During 2022-2026, Chinese photovoltaic inverter manufacturers export of  solar products will probably account for half of the world's major markets, while Europe and South America are the main growth markets.


But among so many excellent Chinese top inverter manufacturers, how to choose?
Xindun power,as one of the photovoltaic inverter manufacturers in china,will be your good choice.


First of all, Xindun power,the photovoltaic inverter manufacturers,have more than 16 years of experience in the photovoltaic industry and have a full understanding of the history and future of the photovoltaic industry. Secondly, our photovoltaic inverter products have necessary quality certification, such as CE, ISO, IEC certification, etc. Moreover, Xindun photovoltaic inverter manufacturers has a professional R&D and sales team. The actual situation of customers is different. We know how to develop appropriate energy solutions for customers, such as how to design the solar panel installation matrix and how many photovoltaic inverters to match. Because Xindun photovoltaic inverter manufacturers has a professional photovoltaic team, it can ensure that the problems of the new energy system purchased by customers can be solved smoothly.


Xindun China top inverter manufacturers


Xindun photovoltaic inverter manufacturers provide high-quality 300w to 160kw solar power systems.
-1. In the past three years, it has provided solar power systems for 69 projects worldwide;
-2.10000 square meters factory | CE and ISO 9001 certification | exported to more than 70 countries;
-3. We know how to design, configure and install the entire solar power system.


Xindun China top inverter manufacturers


Our professional solar designers and engineers provide and design the connection diagram of solar power system for you. Xindun Power is striving to become one of the top inverter manufacturers in the world. Welcome to become a super partner in our plan.Contact Xindun pls.

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