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What is MPPT solar inverter in XINDUN manufacturer?And what is the function of MPPT in solar inverter?XINDUN Power analyzes this problem with a professional attitude and provides high-quality MPPT solar inverters.

What is the function of MPPT in solar inverter?

  • Xindun
  • March 04, 2023

MPPT solar controller can be said to be an upgraded version of the traditional solar controller. Its main function is to track the maximum power point, which is not new to everyone.

MPPT is the very core technology of MPPT solar inverter, and MPPT voltage is a very key parameter in the design of solar power station.So what is mppt solar inverter?


1) What is MPPT in solar inverter?

Before we understand what is the function of MPPT in solar inverter, we should first understand what is MPPT in solar inverter?

The full name of MPPT solar controller is (Maximum Power Point Tracking), which is to track the maximum power point. It means that the mppt solar inverter adjusts the output power of the photovoltaic array according to the different environmental temperature, light intensity and other characteristics of the outside world, so that the photovoltaic array always outputs the maximum power.

It is used to adjust the working state of the electrical module, so that the electrical system that can output more electricity from the photovoltaic panel can store the DC power generated by the solar panel into the battery, which can effectively solve the living and industrial power consumption in remote areas and tourist areas that cannot be covered by the conventional power grid, without causing environmental pollution.

If the maximum power point is 550V, the power is 200W at 550V. At this time, the power at 520V is about 190W, and that at 580V is about 185W, which is not as high as that at 550V. If the solar inverter cannot track 550V, it will lose power generation, but it will not have other impact on the system.

Why should we keep tracking? Because this curve changes with the light intensity, temperature and shelter, and the maximum power point also changes. The maximum power point voltage may be 560V in the morning, 520V in the noon, and 550V in the afternoon, so the solar inverter needs to constantly search for this maximum power point, that is, the maximum power point tracking, so as to ensure that the energy of the panel can be maximized throughout the day without wasting solar energy resources.


what is mppt solar inverter

2) So what is the function of MPPT in solar inverter?

XINDUN MPPT is electronic DC converters that optimize the matching between solar panels and batteries. MPPT solar inverter converts the high voltage DC output of the solar panel into the low voltage required to charge the battery. The MPPT solar inverter will calculate the best amount of power that the panel can provide to charge the battery.  It takes this and converts it to the optimal voltage in order to extract the most amperage from the battery.  The efficiency of XINDUN MPPT solar inverters ranges between 95 – 99%.  Actual MPPT solar inverter gains can vary significantly depending on weather, temperature, battery state of charge, and other variables.

So for more "what is mppt in solar inverter" about XINDUN power as follow.


The basic element is the solar array is the module. We constitute the module as DC source with an internal impedance which will be changed over the day based on level of solar irradiance fallen at the module surface and solar cell temperature. So, the DC solar energy getting from the module is not fixed and its output DC current and voltage are changed over the day as well.
Based on this, MPPT feature importance arises, as the solar inverter internal MPPT circuit will monitor the DC voltage and current all the time and trying to extract maximum power and drive the solar inverter at maximum efficiency point, and this of course will result in high energy yield.


what is mppt in solar inverter


XINDUN Power is a professional manufacturer of MPPT solar inverter. Our MPPT solar inverter has been put into use in more than 40 countries around the world for more than 16 years, including Africa, the Middle East, Asia, South America, Europe, etc. If you want to obtain more professional technical knowledge of "what is mppt solar inverter", or want to know the specific quotation price of XINDUN MPPT solar inverter, please contact our sales experts!

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