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Pure sine wave inverter or modified wave inverter?

  • 603
  • Jimmy at
  • April 22, 2017

Comparison between pure sine wave inverter and modified wave inverter

    Whether you should get a pure sine wave inverter or a modified wave inverter?

    Pure sine wave inverter can provide a nice pure and smooth sine wave current for the load. This current is similar to the electric current that the appliance needs.This can prolong the sercice of  eletrical appliances.

  pure sine wave

    Modified wave inverter is slightly boxed off wave.which sometimes will lack of clarity.then damage the appliance.especially the appliance like TV or air conditioner. In this case pure sine inverter may be a better solution, then you can have a better quality output. But modified sine inverter was  more cost effective than pure sine  inverter. Pure sine wave  inverter canl provide the best electrical current,as well as it will be more expensive. 

    So, Before you choose the should check the  requirement of the items that you want to run by the inverter.  So, you will make sure you are buying the correct inverter  for your needs at the start.