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Are you familiar with off grid solar with grid backup?You will gain a thorough understanding of off-grid solar inverters and how to maximize solar energy from this post!

How to use off grid solar with grid backup?

  • Xindun
  • April 10, 2023

Are you familiar with off grid solar with grid backup? Or do you understand how to use solar energy to its fullest potential?


The solar system provides people with sufficient, environmentally friendly and free green energy. In a country or region, if the local power facilities cannot meet people's daily needs, then a solar system is a good solution. At this time, people can store the electric energy of the grid, or store the electric energy generated by the solar energy in the battery system at the same time, and use it as a backup power source.


how to use solar-off grid solar with grid backup


This is off grid solar with grid backup as we know it.

You can buy an inverter with built-in mppt, the inverter can use the mains to charge the battery, when there is a mains supply, as long as the inverter starts running, it will charge the battery and provide power to the load at the same time , as long as the weather is fine, the built-in mppt controller can also use solar energy to charge the battery. Even if the power grid is cut off, as long as there is sufficient sunlight, the inverter with built-in mppt controller can still charge the battery.


And as long as there are enough solar panels, the solar energy can also power the load, and the excess solar energy can be stored in the battery. When there is still no mains power at night, people can use the backup power stored in the battery to power the loads at home. Storing and utilizing solar energy in this way is not only a solution to the shortage of mains power supply, but also a good way to save electricity bills.

If the mains power supply in your area is relatively sufficient, and solar energy is only an emergency backup power source, then you can select the mains power priority mode in the inverter. That is to say, even if there is solar energy, the inverter will still use the mains power to supply power to the load first, and the inverter will switch to the battery/solar power to supply the load until the mains does not supply power; during this process, when the mains power is restored, the inverter will re-convert to the mains power supply. This is a great way to use electricity when you need to have backup power on hand at all times but don't want to use up too much.


Also, keep in mind that off-grid inverters must be used with batteries. Solar power cannot be used directly for loads. Before the electric energy is output to the load, it needs to be converted to AC by the inverter, or the electric energy is stored by the battery. When the mains power is not available, the DC energy of the battery can be converted to usable AC by the inverter!


how to use solar-cooperation with Xindun Power


After 16 years of constant product research and development, Xindun Power has established itself as a strong manufacturer of solar energy products. We have agents all over the world. Off-grid inverter systems are what we primarily design and manufacture. There are up to 20 different product series for our pure sine wave off-grid inverters, including single-phase, three-phase, low-frequency, and high-frequency inverters. Hybrid inverters, solar generators, etc.We offer superior off grid solar with grid backup to assist customers meet their electrical needs in a variety of situations.Actively ask us how to use solar energy effectively?


Don't hesitate to reach out to us if you have any doubts regarding the technical details of off-grid inverter systems or if you want to buy off-grid inverters with guaranteed quality and after-sales service.

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