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XINDUN,best solar inverter brand,manufacture the single phase and 3 Phase stand alone solar inverter range from 700W to 160KW with pure sine wave output. We can design the best stand alone inverters for you.

Which stand alone solar inverter brand is best?

  • Xindun
  • March 04, 2023

To know which stand alone solar inverter brand is the best, we need to understand the types of stand alone inverters first. When determining the appropriate type of stand alone solar inverters, we need to consider two categories: stand alone inverter technology and the type of solar system applicable to the stand alone solar inverter.


1) Stand alone inverter technology:
① String inverter: The string stand alone solar inverter is an independent unit that can convert electric energy from a whole string (or multiple strings) of solar panels. The series stand alone inverter is cheap and convenient, but its efficiency is often the lowest.
② String inverter+power optimizer: the power optimizer is connected to each individual panel. They perform MPP tracking at the module level; The optimized DC power is sent to the string stand alone solar inverter for conversion into AC power. The combination of series stand alone inverter and power optimizer will increase your cost, but it can make your system better handle problems such as shadows.
③ Micro inverter: Micro stand alone solar inverter is also connected to each panel. They perform MPP tracking and power conversion at the module level, allowing each panel to output available AC power. They are good at handling shadows (such as power optimizers), and have the additional advantage of making your solar system easy to expand. However, they are the most expensive type of stand alone inverter.


stand alone solar inverter brand


2) Type of solar power system applicable to stand alone solar inverter:
The stand alone inverter you selected needs to be compatible with the type of solar power system you are installing.The following are some common solar inverters and solar power systems:
① Grid-connected inverter: applicable to grid-connected solar power system. They manage the two-way relationship with the grid, export solar energy to the grid, and import public power from the grid as needed.
② Hybrid inverter: designed for hybrid solar power system (also known as solar storage system). They have the same functions as grid-connected inverters, but can also charge and draw energy from battery settings.
③ Stand alone solar inverter: It is used for stand alone solar power system, that is, completely independent solar power system, to provide you with standby power supply in case of power failure in the grid. The stand alone inverter needs a backup battery to operate and cannot be connected to the grid.


Green power growing more and more popular recently, Looking to go solar and making a stand alone power storage system requirement increase so rapidly. Stand alone solar inverter plays a very important role in the whole solar system, it really is the workhorse of the solar system. So it is very important to choose a high quality stand alone inverter. There are many kinds solar inverter brands in the market with different quality various. In line with the principle of "only choose the right ones, not the expensive ones" ,“XINDUN”solar inverter brand is highly recommended.  


stand alone inverter brand


XINDUN,solar inverter brand, owns a experienced technical team and sales team to offer you the most suitable design and stand alone solar inverter spec decision. We carry out strictly quality control from Incoming,production,processing, assembly and testing of products and we are committed to providing users with high-end reliability, high quality and cost-effective stand alone inverter. Choose a solar inverter brand must consider following aspects:                           
1. Stand alone solar inverter efficiency is a measure of how well a device converts the electricity it receives from the solar panels into power available to your home. A good peak efficiency rating is around 94% to 96%. XINDUN’s stand alone inverter efficiency >95%                                         
2. Self-consumption, or no-load current draw. XINDUN,solar inverter brand,implement strict industry standard<3%
3. Surge capacity: XINDUN’s stand alone solar inverter peak power can be 3x their rating power
4. Warranty. XINDUN,solar inverter brand,have the confidence for warranties typically range from 3-5 years to eliminate the worries of customers.


XINDUN,best solar inverter brand,manufacture the single phase stand alone inverter range from 700W to 40KW and 3 Phase stand alone solar inverter range from 3.2KW to 160KW with pure sine wave output and adapt any tough electricity situation. XINDUN is the best solar inverter brand you can choose,and we can design the best stand alone inverters for you.

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