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How to choose best inverter for home?

  • Xindun
  • January 03, 2023

How to choose best inverter for home?When selecting a best inverter for home, you must determine what your maximum wattage draw will be if all of your home appliances that may be are on at the same time.If your home have an 800W well pump, a 100W fridge, five 10W lights, and a 50W laptop, you need to add the wattages together to get at least a 1,000W home inverter.You also have to make sure the home inverter is able to handle the surge as motors turn on. For example, if your fridge and well pump both turned on at once, the surge could be three or four times the rated wattage. You must be sure the home inverter can handle that. The best inverter for home is rated in both continuous wattage and surge.


How to choose inverter for home


In addition to considering the appropriate wattage when choosing the best inverter for home, we must also consider the functionality of the home inverter.

Most off-grid home inverters can not sell extra power back to the grid. However, an home inverter/charger can connect to the grid (if available) to act as a battery charger. For instance, if your home have a boat or RV with an home inverter/charger, when you connect to shore power, you can use the AC power from the electric grid to charge your battery bank when the solar doesn’t provide enough power. But that AC connection is one-directional, it will only take from the grid, not send back. Likewise, you can often connect a generator to the AC input of an home inverter/charger to top off the batteries when needed. This is a common configuration for off-grid homes that need more power in the winter than the sun can provide.


inverter for home application


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